Ripple cryptocurrency is one of the most recognized digital asset out there. Thanks to presence in main stream media and support of many celebrities and investors, Ripple became even pick of the day in the most popular investment program in national TV in the US. Price pattern soon followed, achieving whopping top thousands percent above early 2017 levels, dropping significantly in 2018. Volatility of XRP chart is mind blowing, scaring even the most risk accepting traders…

Ripple coin is financial token for banks, brokers, exchanges and institutions. What is good price to buy Ripple XRP? Where to buy Ripple?

Ripple coin in the nutshell

Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) is a new generation cryptocurrency designed for banks and financial institutions. The Ripple network connects banks, financial service providers, stock exchanges, brokers and allows to send money quickly and globally. Thanks to the use of Ripple cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology, financial service providers can significantly reduce the efforts of wires and money transfers and reduce the costs of foreign capital transfers. Ripple cryptocurrency has recently been praised by Asian cryptocurrency investors as a substitute for Western Union. Thanks to this perception, its course went sharply up in 2017.

What to expect for Ripple coin in the near and long term, not to mention Ripple price predictions? One of the concerns that is constantly brought to Ripple investor’s attention is development of Ripple’s ledger beside it’s token. What it means is that banks could cooperate with Ripple and use it’s infrastructure and innovative ideas while Ripple token would not benefit from incoming profits. The reason of this is banks, brokers or financial institutions could choose to use Ripple infrastructure or solutions only and implement their own tokens and ledgers. On the other hand, XRP token is here to stay and it’s wide adoption plays significant role in Ripple’s future.

Ripple price prediction? Nobody knows future, but decent analysis can help with buying Ripple for good price as future investment.

How to find the most recent Ripple price?

The Ripple price is tracked on many sites with cryptocurrencies, headed by cryptocurrency exchanges. For not-really-involved investors, the CoinMarketCap aggregate side is enough. However, traders must pay close attention to the price of the Ripple. The best place is of course where they make transactions. The crypto exchange that have the largest Ripple turnover, Binance, is best suited for this. If you don’t want to rely on Asian Bitcoin exchanges, you may also look at Malta’s BitBay. You can also use the smartphone application or simply enter the exchange website on your mobile phone for quick checking. We do not recommend checking the Ripple course too often due to the possibility of addiction, and we are deadly serious about this, as we have already witnessed some cases on the internet.

Where and how can you buy Ripple cryptocurrency?

If you are looking for a low trading fee, check exactly how much you pay using the cryptocurrency exchange from Europe or the USA. In most cases, these are places with high fees, e.g. BitBay charges around 0.7%. Exchanges with the lowest commissions, 0.2% for the entire transaction, are located in China: Binance, which offers special trading offer, with fee reduced to 0.15%.

Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Try Binance, Bitcoin exchange for traders and active investors. Lowest fees and good opinions!

Buying Ripple at Binance Bitcoin Exchange. The pros are:

  • no verification,
  • simple interface,
  • lowest commissions (0.15%),
  • availability of most cryptocurrencies with potential,
  • high, 2 BTC withdrawal limit, daily.

How to buy Ripple on Binance?

If you have one of the major cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Monero, NEO or any other, you can buy Ripple directly on one of the Binance’s markets. Just find trading pair XRP/BTC or any other Ripple pair and perform a trade for the price you consider good.

In order to buy Ripple on cryptocurrency exchange, you need to buy Bitcoin first. When buying Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrency, pay close attention to the anonymity of transfers …). The fastest BTC purchase is offered by LocalBitcoins. The terms of purchase are agreed with the contractor, if you care about anonymity, cooperate with the contractor who will accept your conditions. A reliable and trustworthy buyer or seller could be recognized by high reputation and reviews by other users.

Buying Ripple cryptocurrency needs to be considered from several directions. Buy XRP with USD, dollars, credit card, paypal or other? Whtere to buy, Kraken, Changelly or other cryptocurrency exchagne?

The exchanges without the need for verification seems to be the quickest choice when considering investment in Ripple, moreover, registration is still available and free. The Ripple course is changing due to the sentiment of investors, especially those from Asia. XRP price experienced rapid ups and downs in 2017 from $0.20 to $1.20 $1.80 $2.50 $1.30 $1 $0.70, finishing around $0.40 for Ripple in 2018. Is it a good price yet?

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