How does the EOS cryptocurrency do in 2018? For many months, the project has remained at a high position in the ranking of CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency capitalization. The project website is clean, and trading volume of EOS on cryptocurrency exchanges from the Far East is considerable. On the other hand, EOS does not have such a strong voice in the media to get at least as much cover as Ripple or Ethereum. Even smaller projects have more fans, more articles on industry portals and louder events with new functionalities.

EOS cryptocurrency keeps very high capitalization. There is also progress in EOS price and project perspectives in 2019.

Has EOS survived declines in 2018 in good condition?

Let’s check how the EOS project has generally done in recent months. The development of the project, including the activation of the mainnet, forced users to a number of activities. The most important was the transfer of private keys to the newly activated main network, thanks to which users acquired the right to use tokens in the target configuration. This is especially important for EOS wallet users: Ledger Nano S, Exodus and others. Another change is participation in the EOS ecosystem and voting, which offer various incentives for installing applications and holding tokens.

Is the EOS network employed by new, promising tokens?

The list of tokens using the EOS network is long. A lot of information has been published on the occasion of the availability of EOS tokens on the BancorX exchange. These are:

  • Everipedia (IQ),
  • EOS Wallet HireVibe (HVT),
  • Lumeos (LUME),
  • MyCryptoBank (MCB),
  • Chaince (CET),
  • CoArt (COAT),
  • HorusPay (HORUS),
  • and others…

The first two from the list are popular investment tokens, already available on the largest cryptocurrency market.

Price of EOS in an interesting place

The $5 price level of the EOS tokens is crucial. At the beginning it was a resistance that could not be exceeded by the price, then it became a support that keeps the price for many months and does not allow the EOS course to fall lower. Until now, it was a level that allowed for short-term speculation, allowing investors to earn rather safely.

Price of EOS in 2018 has been down significantly with the signs of stabilization. Is EOS perspectives for 2019 promising? What are price predictions for EOS?

Will it work this time and the price will bounce back? The double bottom has been drawn very precisely, for those who look at technical analysis.

Why China loves EOS?

One of the most serious sources of investment advice for Chinese investors is the CCID cryptocurrency ranking. It is no coincidence that, after summarizing many criteria, the first place in the ranking list was… EOS. It was ahead of Ethereum, BitShares and Neo. Bitcoin is far below the top ten. The Chinese love the technology implemented by the EOS project team and praise its perspectives.

EOS coin is really popular among chinese investors. Is it going to be reflected in eos price in 2019? What are speculators opinions?

Cryptocurrency EOS, a platform for decentralized applications, scalable, flexible with its own web solutions package. No wonder that EOS is a favorite of Asian investors and has high turnover on the Chinese and Korean stock exchanges. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is evidenced by the fact that at the end of 2017 it was in 10th place in relation to capitalization, before such important currencies as for example Monero. At the end of 2018 it is 5th! The EOS network does not pay for the transaction – each token holder has “shares” in computing power. Cryptocurrency EOS is available on Asian stock exchanges cryptocurrency: Binance (the largest turnover comparing to popularity), KuCoin, Mercatox.

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  1. Create a free account on the largest cryptocurrency exchange
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  3. Find the EOS / BTC currency pair and buy EOS for Bitcoin
  4. If possible, transfer your cryptocurrency to your secure wallet
  5. Check the market status regularly, you can also consider buying other cryptocurrencies available on Binance, such as IOTA or Ripple.

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The cryptocurrency exchange Mercatox offers several cryptocurrencies, including EOS. It is also the first cryptocurrency exchange, which enabled the purchase of RaiBlocks Nano, cryptocurrencies, which brought profits in 2017.

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EOS is already on the market for some time and is supported by several exchanges. To reduce the risk, you can set up free accounts on many cryptocurrency exchanges and diversify your wallet. You can buy Bitcoins anonymously, for example using LocalBitcoins, to top up the stock market with cryptocurrencies. Choose a seller based on a positive reputation and real opinions after the transaction. The EOS cryptocurrency can be bought on the stock exchanges without verification: Binance, Mercatox or KuCoin. Share in the comment with which stock market is the quickest to provide opportunity to buy EOS.

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