How to get Bitcoins? 100 ways to earn cryptocurrency!

    Most people have already heard of cryptocurrency, whether from friends, news from radio and television about rising prices or read articles on major news websites. However, there is still a lack of awareness of how to go from someone who has heard about Bitcoin to someone who owns cryptocurrencies.

    One can think about it in different ways, for example as investment or speculation. It is the safest way to explain the rationality of buying cryptocurrency as acquiring shares in the implementation of a cryptography-based payment system, more specifically blockchain technology.

    How to get Bitcoin? Earn cryptocurrency in easy ways and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto

    How to find money to buy cryptocurrencies when you have a tight budget? How to make speculation on cryptocurrencies less psychologically burdensome, because we have allocated funds important for daily life and home budget? The answer is simple: get extra money to buy cryptocurrencies or earn directly in Bitcoins.

    I recommend getting a cup of hot tea before reading this post, just because it is quite long. It is worth considering each point and asking yourself, is this a good way for me to find resources for BTC investment?

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    1. Accept Bitcoin as payment for work. You will find jobs at Work for BTC Reddit (if you live in the US or another country where this site is popular). In other countries, announcements with BTC payments appear on the Freelancers websites and on forums and internet boards devoted to cryptocurrencies.
    2. Trade on cryptocurrency markets. In a word, sell when it is expensive, buy back when it is cheap and repeat as often as possible. It is a risky sport, there are many ways to look for potential profits. Technical analysis, signals from insiders, bots is the basic arsenal available. Profit seeking method depends on traders psychological profile, capital, experience and many more aspects. Make sure you choose best cryptocurrency exchange with low trading fees and facilities for traders.
    3. Mine Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. You will contribute to network stability. Your business will be processing transactions according to the rhythm of blocks being mined. The reward for mining are Bitcoins from mined blocks, created in the pool of 21 million BTC and transaction fees. The profitability of mining depends on the price you pay for electricity. For mining Bitcoin, dedicated hardware is used (ASICs), mainly produced in China. You can use graphics cards to mine some other cryptocurrencies. You can also try Bitcoin mining on any device with internet browser: on your computer, laptop or smartphone.
    4. Post reviews and opinions on the internet for cryptocurrencies. Many websites, ranging from Yelp, through Booking, TripAdvisor, and ending with descriptions of places on Google maps, base their value on the opinions of real people. Many companies want their online presence to be based on positive ratings and descriptions that encourage people to use services or products. This opens up many possibilities for those who can visit different places and describe their experiences on frequently visited websites.
    5. Implement cryptocurrency or Bitcoin payment system in shops, stores or entrepreneurs who wants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. If you are fluent in the topic of cryptocurrency, business or IT, try to help those who do not have time for implementation themselves, but would like to accept payments in Bitcoin. Most of the time it includes explaining the advantages of accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, implementing payments on a website or setting up accounts on exchanges or in payment systems that provide credit and debit card terminals. This is a good chance for profits for someone who will find and fill the space in payment implementation market soon enough.How to get Bitcoin for wires, transfers or via electronic cash? You don't have to buy, you can accept cryptocurrency for work, advertisment or online jobs.
    6. Exchange cash for Bitcoin. Those willing to exchange can be found on Paxful or find among friends who would like to get some crypto at the current rate. Both sides should be satisfied with the transaction, and by the way, you can meet interesting people or learn the news or ideas from the cryptocurrency world. This is for sure one of the most simple and easy way to get Bitcoins.
    7. Sell your tangible product for Bitcoin. Whether you produce vegetables and fruits, cleaning fluids or candles, you can always make an agreement with the buyer for payment in the cryptocurrencies. When delivering products to customers or selling in bulk to store, ask about payment in Bitcoin. Perhaps you could avoid risk, high bank fees or long waiting time for settlement? If you don’t want to buy Bitcoins for cash directly, maybe you can exchange for a physical product?
    8. Buy Bitcoin below market price. This is not impossible, as you may firstly think. You may be able to find a local seller on LocalBitcoins, who has to get rid of a larger amount of BTC quickly. Maybe a friend would like to sell quickly and offer a good rate? Maybe the seller is forced to use rare form of payment (e.g. unpopular electronic wallet) and offers a good price? Thanks to this, you will quickly get Bitcoin, with further possibility of selling the cryptocurrency at the market price on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, making profit instantly. Now, that you are aware of many scenarios where you buy cheaper, ask yourself the question: Where to buy Bitcoin?
    9. Electronic money for cryptocurrencies: transfer money from the bank for Bitcoin. This is one of the easiest way to get bitcoins. Those who are willing to exchange for a transfer can also be found on LocalBitcoins, also friends may be willing to receive payments from the bank. An interesting option could be to make a “cash transfer”, that is, to transfer money at the post office to your account for a small fee. A reasonable advantage is the low level of personal data control when sending money via post office or broker, comparing to banks.
    10. Perform effective arbitrage on cryptocurrency markets. Using arbitrage on crypto markets is simply to exploit small differences in cryptocurrency prices on various exchanges. It is a popular method for small, but repeatable profits. It is necessary to automate the process, however, to maximize the number of profitable transactions. You can automat the process by programming bots or scripts executing certain trades. Just create accounts on most liquid Bitcoin exchanges (e.g. Binance and BitFinex) and deposit enough Bitcoin according to risk management levels. Then, all you need to do is to track the exchange rate differences and make the appropriate purchase and sale transactions. Your account balance in cryptocurrencies is going to build up, profiting small amounts resulting from price differences.Are you going to trade cryptocurrency markets? Make sure you secure your portfolio and have trading method, such as arbitrage or speculation on technical analysis or project fundaments
    11. Offer hosting service and accept payments in Bitcoin. This is one of the simplest ways of charging BTC fees in the IT industry. You can rent a cheap, virtual machine and resell hosting sites for private or business websites. Collecting cryptocurrency for virtual services is widely acceptable. The same also applies to computing power, low-complexity services that can be configured on a collocated server or a virtual machine, simply anything running in the rented virtual space.
    12. Video or promotional videos for cryptocurrencies. Today’s smartphones are wonderful piece of technology: applications on your phone can do incredible things, same with software on the computer. The audience is used to streaming or spontaneous recording of what is happening in the world. Anyone who has an iPhone or Samsung capable of recording in HD can become a reporter or record materials for small entrepreneurs or stores to use in marketing products and services. Accounting for such a service in cryptocurrencies is natural and fast. Reports, descriptions of products, services or experiences from various places are just the beginning of a list that a creative person with a good lens can use.
    13. Writing for Bitcoin. There are, unfortunately, lots of texts in the Internet written by scripts or automats. They have little in common with a real product or service. The demand for good copywriting is constant and the rates for well-written texts in profitable industries are high. Payment for writing in cryptocurrencies is no longer an unprecedented thing. Settlement is facilitated by the electronic nature of communication and the process of delivering ordered items digitally. You will find orders on freelancers, fiver or directly. Why not ask among friends?
    14. Babysitting for Bitcoin. Although it may sound unrealistic, taking care of children for cryptocurrencies is a sensible proposition. Young people who are the most frequent clients of such a service are the generation best familiar with new technologies. You will more than often find those who happily settle for cryptocurrencies, instantly and without help of banks or an inconvenient tour to ATM.
    15. Translations for cryptocurrencies. Do you know a foreign language fluently? Use this ability to get bitcoins. The demand for good translations, especially in niche languages, is on a constant, high level. The rates are attractive as well. The electronic character of communication definitely facilitates non-cash settlements, in which cryptocurrencies are unmatched. Often you can also share knowledge with a contractor, help in setting up a bitcoin address and carrying out a transaction. In the case of translations, cryptocurrencies are particularly useful, because transactions are often interstate. Thanks to Bitcoin, parties would avoid additional fees for transfers via banks or brokers.Are you foreign language translator? Consider getting paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. It is fast, reliable and you would avoid banking fees.
    16. Produce and sell gadgets or items related to cryptocurrencies. T-shirts, clothes, physical tokens, tags, stickers … Opportunities are plentiful, it’s best to get inspiration by browsing the bestseller list on Chinese stock exchanges or auction sites. Good source of ideas for products are also foreign websites with ads, collections and blogs. Distribution could start from selling on popular auction sites and exchanging earned money for cryptocurrencies, but that’s just the beginning. Advertisement websites allow you to state that the payment for the item is possible with cryptocurrency, settled directly between the seller and the buyer. The next step can be a website with implemented Bitcoin payments.
    17. Become an expert by answering questions or solving problems on the internet and share your knowledge for cryptocurrencies. A popular way to pay for knowledge, especially in organized communities on the Internet, such as online forums, are voluntary donations with cryptocurrencies. You can broadcast donation address by placing it in the footer or signature. Try to find a solution to popular, often reported problems and provide ready-made answers for those who, for example, do not know English or are less proficient in using the search engine. You could receive gratitude in small amounts of cryptocurrencies.
    18. Become an expert by publishing answers to questions or solutions to problems on an expert blog. If you collect enough material that will prove useful and has positive feedback in the cryptocurrency community, you can think about publishing valuable content regularly on your website. By owning and maintaining a blog, you also take control over the way you accept a donation or pay for access. You can both publish an address and wait for donations or implement cryptocurrencies payments, placing content behind paywall or establishing subscriptions.
    19. Become an expert and publish on social media. In a world where everyone has access to a wide communication market, it is often not enough to just publish valuable and useful content. You also need to have ways to reach out to the wide range of interested users or even make people aware that there are new opportunities and innovative ways to solve old problems. A widely read expert profile in the topic of cryptocurrencies on facebook or twitter can become a springboard for profits.
    20. Publish valuable content on the Steemit platform. It is a rapidly growing place for exchanging ideas, opinions and solutions, where valuable content is instantly rewarded in the Steem cryptocurrency. Remember to check in advance whether answers or solutions you want to post have already been published by someone else. Consider being active user of Steemit community, it would be additionally rewarded.
    21. Set up an expert cryptocurrency vlog and publish valuable videos on YouTube. The consumption of online content has changed dramatically and there are already mobile users who, using large transfer packages, are mainly watching movies, instead of reading articles or browsing websites. These are usually conscious users with good equipment (good quality smartphones), who are potential users of cryptocurrencies due to the high degree of familiarity with technology. Good quality translating how to set up a wallet, how to make transactions, how to secure funds or take part in ICO will certainly generate great interest. Charging for the most valuable content (premium videos or access to video course) gives you a good chance of earning money.Are you creating videos about cryptocurrencies? Why not setting up video blog with bitcoin courses, how do do things in cryptocurrency world? Next step would be monetizing.
    22. Become a cryptocurrency expert and record podcasts. Many internet users perform a series of low-productivity activities every day, such as long commuting by public transport or car or chores. Time spent on easy or repetitive activities can be used by listening to audiobooks (which are already popular) or (which is gaining popularity) podcasts. Podcasts simply are audio recordings or conversations dedicated to specific topics or problems, along with discussing solutions. You can record discussions or monologues devoted to the development of crypto technology, investment opportunities and promising innovations. Loyal listeners support brands with donations or patronage, when getting real profits from podcasts and its materials.
    23. Create a website about cryptocurrencies. There are many topics in the field of cryptocurrencies that receive insufficient attention. Particularly, the technological and cryptographic part, but also IT and marketing solutions. There are many niches where you can provide valuable content. A simple website with cryptocurrencies translated from English to your language can easily become an expert area. Such site is going to be visited by thousands of users every day in search of fresh information, solutions to problematic problems, quick support and opinions of the community.
    24. Become an expert solving real problems in knowledge-gathering websites. Questions and answers sites on the internet are often websites that professionals go to in their daily struggles with technology and real problems. Those who have a high reputation on Quora or StackOverflow sites have a reputation equal to experts in the industry. If you know the answer to a specific question, they will publish it, e.g. in the form of a code or explanation, along with justification. Community appreciates creators, which will transform into your reputation.
    25. Share useful knowledge on blogs, websites and social networking sites. Create an easily identifiable profile and use it to comment on and publish valuable materials on blogs and pages in the field of cryptography, cryptocurrency and finance. Do not forget to include the address to receive donations or QR code to your Bitcoin address. Remember that the content you publish should solve real problems, answer frequently asked questions in an accessible and easy to use form.
    26. Become a specialist implementing Bitcoin payments. It is currently a market that has not been fully developed yet. First implementation experts will come from those who publish valuable content on the internet and have successfully completed implementations in private projects. If you have a place to experiment, such as a store that accepts cryptocurrencies or a page receiving crypto donations, you already have an advantage over the rest of the pack. Choose a solution that works on the English-language Internet and add translation. Arrange with software distributor a commission in return for using their solution in more projects. Look for the possibility of importing equipment to carry out transactions (e.g. terminals) or one time cryptocurrency payments.If you are going to implement Bitcoin payments, consider using proven solutions from small companies, with terminals or one time payments with applications.
    27. Write an e-book and sell it for Bitcoins. If you have completed several previous suggestions and are an expert on cryptocurrencies, you certainly have a lot of knowledge that match the thematic publication. You can also develop subjects that appear on a regular basis, i.e. sudden ups or downs in price, and how to respond or use them for profit. You can also describe technological innovations and new projects. Another idea is recommending investments or speculative strategies, preferably long-term ones or describing personal experiences in trading or investing. A high probability of success would have an e-book introducing beginners to the world of cryptocurrencies, describing the technological and cryptographic part in an easy way.
    28. Establish an expert newsletter and sell subscriptions to the published, valuable content. The form in which users regularly pay for current and accurate information from the areas of interest is particularly attractive to those who expect specific and practical materials. In a word they know what they pay for and require quality. If you have the right amount of valuable materials and are able to obtain and analyze information from the world of cryptocurrencies, you will be able to create high-quality reports. The combination of specific ways to solve business problems (such as payments, obtaining customers in the crypto world, implementing technologies, etc.) with analytical skills and a proactive approach is a mix that allows financial success as a specialist and analyst.
    29. Make a contribution to the history and development of Bitcoin technologies. Fundamental changes are happening before our eyes, future generations will be grateful to someone who will devote time and effort to document the initial stages of cryptocurrency development: in the form of a documentary, an interview with people from the industry or a book describing the first years of market development. Describing how the banking sector responded to the emergence of cryptocurrencies, how politicians changed the law, to adapt them to the requirements of new technologies is just the tip of the iceberg for someone, who has the sense of observation and can turn it into a story.
    30. Extend your competences with cryptocurrencies in the environment in which you work. Whether you operate in a corporation or in the world of science, the competences associated with blockchains and cryptocurrencies are currently very desirable. Making an online course in the field of cryptocurrencies or blockchains (e.g. at the US online university) and gaining a basic certificate is an idea to show supervisors that you have ambitions to expand the field of activity with a new, fashionable field. Corporate lawyers or accountants with crypto background, as this is an industry not only for IT specialists, will be an attractive acquisition for the employer. Money from the raise for the extension of competences, of course, could be used to buy more cryptocurrencies.
    31. Write or buy a bot script for High Frequency Trading on cryptocurrencies. You will need a reasonably good server to execute orders quickly. The script will allow you to achieve an advantage over traders who trade manually. You will need to acquire skills in programming and develop investment strategies, but the potential reward is worth the effort. The large transaction volume will allow you to apply for an individual contract with the broker or cryptocurrency exchange, as this will significantly lower fees and commissions. The implementation and testing of strategies is a great topic for sharing and building the image of an expert.If you are large volume cryptocurrency trader, you for sure use bots and trading scripts. Try to negotiate lower fees with your broker. You can also watch cryptocurrency live prices in exchanges.
    32. Earn cryptocurrency by renting Bitcoin on interest to traders speculating on a margin. There are stock exchanges that give traders the opportunity to leverage their trades. They allow a bigger amount of cryptocurrencies to be speculated on, comparing to the amount trader currently has. Some brokers borrow the value on their own terms, but there are stock exchanges that allow other users to earn an interest by lending crypto to traders. In this case, the market sets the interest. If you are interested in putting your bitcoins to work, you can rent your Bitcoins and make money on it.
    33. Participate in signature campaigns on Signature campaigns on the most popular cryptocurrency board is a popular way to market new cryptocurrencies, tokens and blockchain projects. If you develop strong and trustworthy account, you could use your reputation and analytical skill to serve community as a cryptocurrency expert. You would analyze and choose projects with potential and recommend them to the public, for a gratification in Bitcoin or advertised token. Try to participate in very risky High Yield Investment Programs. HYIP are systems, in which speculators collect capital and invest it in various risky places, such as ICO, new stock exchanges, speculation for price change or difference, etc. Often, to sell shares in such endeavors, organizers set up nice website, convincing investors that they should hurry up to catch really good deal or promotions. Another perceived advantage could be the ease of entry, usually by any form of payment (by credit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrencies). Programs often pay small amounts and promise very high rates of return in distant future. Most of these programs, however, end well only for the founders who close it when the new members stop flowing in. Then, the stream funding the program’s budget dries out. The recipe for success is: be in the program very early and get out as soon as the first alarm signals appear.
    34. Establish a vending machine accepting Bitcoin. Distributors of drinks, food, electronic products or entertainment are popular across many countries (although not as much as in Japan, where they are overwhelmingly common). Whoever develops a machine that accepts and processes cryptocurrencies will be able to take part in growing market with bright future. The challenge is big, you need to find a way to protect yourself against major exchange rate fluctuations and to popularize cryptocurrency payments in the area.
    35. Contribute to Bitcoin Core software development. If you’re a programmer, you can contribute to the development of Bitcoin by answering to support tickets, testing or writing pieces of code. As a result, you could receive grants as compensation for the contribution. The trusted community deals with the development of technologies, both in the case of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Needless to say, there is still a shortage of smart people to support the production of good quality code.
    36. Solve a specific problem with a program or script for business, entrepreneurs or customers. If you are a programmer, especially one of the languages that allows you to program on the Internet, you can try to get a cryptocurrency in exchange for providing a remote, programming service. The choice is wide: from programming your own cryptocurrency based on existing solutions, writing a cryptocurrency wallet, a browser plugin, an address generator, to online transaction processing services, deposits, cryptocurrencies exchange, up to mining pool. This is just the beginning of the possibilities.
    37. Write scripts and programs for Bitcoin. Developers have one more option of directly acquiring a cryptocurrency: they can write requested scripts for Bitcoin. If you do not care about developing your own product or website, you will easily find people who will pay for technology solutions for their own projects. Currently, thanks to the huge price increases of cryptocurrency there are many people who have resources to develop projects. Orders can be found on the BitcoinTalk forum, freelance websites or Jobs4Bitcoins board.Programming for Bitcoin is viable option for web developers. You can start your own project or provide script by request or order. If you master Python, PHP or Ruby, you will surely find market for your services.
    38. Fix pages and scripts for BTC. Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies as forms of payment for work, a lot of people began to accept Bitcoin as payment for programming as well. More people also enter workforce in IT services, and thus the quality decreases, especially if the client comes up with the idea of outsourcing to remote countries. Hence the strong demand for good specialists who will fix poorly developed scripts or extend basic functionalities. Software often needs to be updated or adapted to the standards of the changing industry. This is good environment for programmers working remotely, who can quickly earn extra money while accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.
    39. Remove viruses and malware for cryptocurrencies. Accepting bitcoin for IT services does not have to be limited to programming. Many people need daily help in cleaning computers from viruses or malware infections. Many webmasters need help with infected frameworks or spammed e-mail accounts. Cryptocurrencies definitely facilitate the settlement of such services, it is enough to ask in advance if it is possible to settle with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The workshop for solving such problems starts with operating antivirus software, anti-malware programs or scripts as well as the constantly expanding database of solutions and scripts against viruses.
    40. Tutoring for cryptocurrencies. Tutoring and learning are mainly for students and teachers. Do we consider providing help in the field of primary school and high school (we receive payments from parents then), or we help students with learning or writing assignments, we are dealing with young people who easily acquire technological novelties. It will not be difficult to convince at least some of them to pay for the service with cryptocurrencies. An additional benefit will be the opportunity to present the advantages of bitcoin.
    41. Completing online surveys. This is an option for those who have a lot of time in front of a computer at their disposal and will be satisfied with smaller earnings. You can find payout programs, for example, in the SurveyPolice summary or by searching the English-language Internet. You can also fill out surveys for small amounts paid in local currencies and buy cryptocurrency on the cryptocurrency exchange.
    42. Food delivery for Bitcoin. Someone who has a car and time can cooperate with Uber (in many cities in the world) or local restaurants or pizzerias. The speed of non-cash transfers plays a big role and in the case of a local restaurant, which does not always have a payment terminal, enabling electronic payments is a great convenience for customers. And, of course, it will allow you to differentiate from the competition (remember pizza for 10,000 bitcoins?). Although we do not kid ourselves, the bulk of funds from food delivery income will come in the form of cash payments. An additional source of money for investment in cryptocurrencies via cryptocurrency exchange is always a good idea.Food delivery for Bitcoins is just another way to earn more money for cryptocurrency investment. If you accept crypto when delivering food, you can always mention 10000 BTC pizza to your customers.
    43. Complete tasks on for money and exchange dollars for cryptocurrencies. How many categories of tasks are on fiverr? As many as people have talents, everyone will find something for themselves. The service commissions are quite high, but this is compensated by the large number of clients. Computer graphic designers, editors, translators, business advisors, assistants, everyone will find customer willing to pay for a well done job. There is also a department of unusual orders, where creativity exceeds the limits of imagination. It’s a great way to both repair your budget and fund your cryptocurrency bag.
    44. Share your car and pick up passengers for cryptocurrencies. The economy of sharing is already in full swing and no one is surprised by the fact that Uber driver is working on Friday evening in order to make money. Long-haul car rental is also popular, including on the BlaBlaCar website. Settlement, especially in recurring transport service, can be arranged in cryptocurrencies, right?
    45. Rent advertisement space on websites. Are you running a blog or website? Instead of inserting AdSense ads or other affiliate programs paying out dollars, find an advertiser who will pay with cryptocurrencies for a banner or article. Popular networks such as CoinAd or MellowAd accept pages with a lot of traffic, but smaller networks will accept all pages. It is usually fairly easy from technical standpoint. Configuration consists pasting the script prepared by the advertiser into the page code, even a less technical person will surely manage it.
    46. Perform tasks and other activities in social media. The works that can be done on the Internet are characterized by the fact that it is easier to convince the client to pay… also via the internet. Social media campaigns consist many types of activities: preparing managing profiles on facebook, twitter, gaining fans and their reactions, preparing marketing message in the form of posts or graphics. The demand for copywriters, graphic designers and project managers is considerable, and running activities is the basic source of clients for many entrepreneurs and small businesses. Simply suggest your manager that you can perform social media tasks for cryptocurrency.
    47. Acquiring followers and fans for social media profiles. It is a separate form of activity in social media, although considered by some to be incompatible with the code of conduct of marketers. The driving force of large campaigns, an accelerator of the reputation of business profiles: some people can not live without quickly gathering the necessary number of accounts “following” the brand or profile. How to start competing in this area? You must be able to create catchy messages and have opportunity to publish them to places with a large number of active users.
    48. Accept Bitcoins for graphic design or website design. If you are working as a freelancer with artistic skills, you will certainly find a lot of orders. When cooperating with the company or with private individuals, all you need to do is to negotiate receiving payment in cryptocurrencies. Some of them will agree because of the undoubted advantages, such as saving time, technical relief or taxing. There are many types of orders – banners, photo processing, designing templates for popular content management systems.Are you graphic designer? Why not accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Receiving Bitcoin as payment has serious advantages, such as getting Bitcoins, taxing, saving time and preparing for future, digital asset world.
    49. Design, implement and maintain websites. A well-prepared webmaster will find customers for their services, although the industry is increasingly dominated by machines that generate simple websites and business cards automatically. Often, what customer needs is to quickly put a content management system with attractive graphics (e.g. for the quick Initial Coin Offering) and a computer specialist who can settle in cryptocurrencies is an ideal candidate to execute such project. Similarly, when it comes to business websites for modern entrepreneurs with technology awareness, offering settlement in cryptocurrencies is an advantage. You can also introduce a rule among family and friends, who you have been doing small tasks for free: from now on you are charging $1 in BTC. Thanks to this, your loved ones will have the chance to learn how to use cryptocurrencies and express gratitude for your services or help.
    50. Walking tours for cryptocurrencies: show tourists around interesting places. In large tourist centers it is a very popular form of activating local history experts, who know interesting places in the area. Guides advertise themselves on the internet and collect applications. After collecting the group at a given time, a few-hour tour around interesting places starts. Often the gratitude convention is “pay what you want”, which invites to collect fees in cryptocurrencies. However, from the organizational point of view it is better to collect a small reservation fee, which is forfeited if tourists do not arrive at the agreed time. Mobility of cryptocurrency payment definitely works in favor for such transactions.
    51. Establish a cryptocurrency exchange. The stock exchanges are currently the core of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and that is where the majority of exchanges take place, both among individual investors, as well as institutional investors and speculators. The most often chosen legal form is a company, preferably in a country that is crypto-business friendly. The script and maintaining the stock exchange can be rented along with an IT specialist who will run the project from the technical side for part of the profits from trading. At the beginning, you should invest in safe storage of crypto entrusted by users (cold wallets, like Ledger Nano S) and small amounts of cryptocurrencies to ensure initial liquidity. The cost of the initial investment should not exceed several thousand dollars and the potential profits are at least an order of magnitude more. In addition to all the above aspects, you will also solve the basic problem of many people, which is: where to buy Bitcoins?
    52. Set up a bitcoin ATM. Expect that the biggest cost will not be the machine itself, but logistics and liquidity. Choose a place that is frequently visited by large number of people (shopping mall, large store, service point, busy railway station or airport) and do not forget about insurance. Take into account marginal cases: most often you will handle a large number of buyers a small amount of cryptocurrencies and a very small number of sellers of a large number of cryptocurrencies, so you have to prepare to handle such orders. The functioning machines are already standing, you can take advantage of the experience of their owners. At the beginning, the device may also offer non-cash withdrawals to a bank account or electronic wallets.
    53. Trading of devices for secure cryptocurrency storage. If you feel emotionally connected with the cryptocurrency ecosystem and would like to make a positive contribution to its development, educating users about cyber security and persuading them to raise the level of cryptocurrency storage security is an ideal topic. Whether it will be convincing people to take responsibility of their Bitcoin holdings or advanced storage methods using hardware portfolios, you can start by learning how the private and public keys work and what are currently the safest Bitcoin storage methods. After choosing which path you will go, you try to become an official equipment distributor or develop your own hardware or software solution.Are you looking for cryptocurrency business ideas? Try selling or educating people in secure crypto storage. Sell Bitcoin hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S or Tresor.
    54. Provide debit or prepaid cards powered by cryptocurrency. The lack of such cards is quite a real problem, the solution of which will bring big profits. Due to the fact that the market is dominated by international payment monopolists (everyone can list them immediately: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard), one should move there carefully and sensitively. A very large customer service department is needed because the cost-effectiveness of such venture forces payment cards to be delivered to many markets. Expect more than 90% of all payments to be withdrawals from an ATM. This industry is a very absorbent market, and the card service is highly sought after in the years ahead. It will help many people to start with Bitcoin and solve the problem of beginners: how to get Bitcoin.
    55. Produce and distribute cryptocurrency gift cards. All larger enterprises from many industries, especially those related to retail and internet, have gift cards in their offer. Of course, they are used to collect capital before the customer acquires the goods or benefits from the service. If you come up with and implement a Business to Business service that supports cryptocurrency gift cards, you have a chance for financial success. Whether success is achieved by issuing a token, delivering a blockchain-based solution or an existing cryptographic process, it depends on the idea and the target client.
    56. Trade devices for mining Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. There are many technologies in which you can be mining cryptocurrencies. The greatest interest is targeted to mining using ASICs (e.g. Bitcoin), mainly from China. There are also currencies being mined using graphics cards (Ethereum, Litecoin), and even those that can be mined on a computer processor (Monero). There are also more and more willing to try their hand at mining, mainly due to the fact that cryptocurrencies obtained this way are “clean” in terms of accounting. More precisely, entry into the possession is not associated with the expenditure coming from the banking system. So start by getting contact with the manufacturer, reduce the number of intermediaries, handle the accounting and customs of transport and sell at a profit, preferably for cryptocurrencies.
    57. Trade in educational materials about cryptocurrencies. Due to the stage at which we currently are (early majority), only thousands of people grasp the deep concept of cryptocurrencies. If, ultimately, the number of people who know how to move in the world of cryptocurrencies is to increase to millions, someone needs to provide basic knowledge to all and more advanced knowledge to those who need it. There is a demand for analysts, programmers, sellers, it is worth starting by gathering knowledge and developing it for forms accessible to beginners. Slowly expand your competences, preferably with acquiring practical skills and solutions. This is just the beginning of the development of the mass cryptocurrency market.One great business idea is to educate people in area of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Gather educational materials, podcasts, lectures and provide beginners with basics of Bitcoin for cryptocurrency.
    58. Try cloud mining. Mining cryptocurrencies in the cloud is almost as old as the first cryptocurrencies. At the beginning, it was used to raise capital for larger mining-related ventures, followed by projects specifically designed for mining or decoding integrated circuits. It can not be denied that the profitability of purchasing mining packages depends strongly on future price increases of cryptocurrency. Especially considering the commission of the cloud mining company and the expected increase in mining difficulty.
    59. Make your own Initial Coin Offering and get Bitcoins or Ethereum for development. If you have sales skills and access to good quality IT staff familiar with cryptocurrencies, you have almost everything you need to succeed in issuing your own token or cryptocurrency. The promising industry and technical Whitepaper is one pillar of success of ICO, the other is a modern website and presence in the industry social media. Cats, finances, dates, oceans – the Initial Coin Offering token will depend only on your creativity. History shows, that in 2017 it was a great way to get Bitcoins.
    60. Produce or sell tangible, physical Bitcoins. Shining, gold-plated coins with the Bitcoin symbol are still one of the best-selling gadgets related to cryptocurrencies. Their distribution was probably dominated by those who have the best contacts with producers in Asia, but due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, you can find a niche for yourself. Whether they are gadgets related to other cryptocurrencies or improved Bitcoin coins (better material or fancy design), success depends on how much value you can deliver. Maybe it’s worth to start designing and manufacturing a trial series, printed locally on a 3D printer?
    61. Start distribution of paper wallets. Do you want to work on the security of storing cryptocurrencies and are looking for a not too difficult challenge? Maybe generating (obviously locally, on the user’s side) nice looking and functional paper wallets is one of the better choices? The script is ready, all you have to do is design a properly printed and useful framework. Users can send subsidies or buy encrypted, ready-made packages. Just make sure whole process occurs on the client’s side for security reasons.If you are looking for not so difficult task in designing, maybe creating paper wallets for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies will do for you?
    62. Produce improved or distribute innovations from American or Asian startups. New and interesting solutions appear every now and then. These are not only cryptocurrencies, but also physical life-enhancing products, such as disposable wallets, payment cards, keys for greater security, payment add-ons, security solutions that transfer value over time and in space. If you have been inspired by an idea, you can become a distributor of this product, earn cryptocurrency and contribute to the development of technology.
    63. Create a virtual reality game with cryptocurrency as a payment method in its ecosystem. Do you remember the success of Second Life, Minecraft, WoW? These games, in addition to extreme playability, are also characterized by the fact that they had their own, internal currency. Users had little difficulty in accepting the fact that all payments in the game are handled by a virtual token, which, however, could eventually be sold in the real world. Playing with cryptocurrency is a chance for huge profits. It does not have to be VR, but in the case of cryptocurrencies, it would be great do deliver entertainment experience at a higher level. You will need a lot of programmers and graphic designers, but the potential profits are almost limitless.
    64. Create a large data set and solve the problem or archive important connections in the world of cryptocurrencies. In a word, get involved in Big Data in cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology is designed to perform operations on ledger to extract connections, patterns and dependencies. A typical example is the revealing counterparts of Bitcoin transactions and addresses. After all, it is known from the start that the BTC cryptocurrency is pseudo anonymous. However, you can go a step further and try your hand at archiving between platform links or dependencies between transactions among different cryptocurrencies. The promising area is also user behavior patterns. There are companies that will pay a lot for providing them with customers’ behavior patterns that will increase sales or optimize the business process.
    65. Handmade products for cryptocurrencies. Do you know etsy? This is the site where you could display your handmade products and sell it at reasonable price. In most countries, facebook profiles of handicraft studios and auction portals are popular. Why not sell beautiful and creative things for cryptocurrencies? Certainly there will be people who appreciate the ease of the transaction. What’s better, with the help of cryptocurrencies you can also settle during fairs and exhibitions, all you need is a mobile phone or terminal. It is also a great option for people who do not have an established business yet.Sell handmade products for Bitcoin? Great idea for gifted people, who are tired of auction sites or low traffic product sites. Sell for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other crypto.
    66. Perform tasks or services for small payouts in cryptocurrencies. Obtaining cryptocurrencies is not limited to selling physical products, they can also be used to settle services or small jobs. The “Pay as you want” mode is also ideal for settlements in Bitcoin, for example at the beginning you agree with clients or service recipients that they can choose the amount they will pay you for the service or favor at the end. Research has shown that these are often higher amounts than those set by a service provider or company! Perhaps this way of accounting will also work for you.
    67. Use deals and special offers at banks and financial institutions. There are several sites worth tracking: taking part in banking promotions usually involves setting up a bank account and using it to spend money. The bank will repay you with an electronic cashback, sometimes a small electronics, even sometimes often with direct cashback or bigger interest. The money can be used for buying cryptocurrencies. Get ready for at least a few month process of “unlocking” the lock out periods of the deal.
    68. Spend money saved on shop or online promotions to purchase cryptocurrencies. Many people start with bitcoin like that. Black Friday is admittedly only once a year, but by joining post-holiday sales, summer sales of winter products and vice versa, we can save real money by delaying shopping. Bloggers and companies or producers help with this, informing about promotions on social media profiles and newsletters. Then, just work out the habit of transferring saved amounts to your account, which will ultimately go to the cryptocurrency piggy bank.
    69. Turn gifts and donations into cryptocurrency investments. Do you still get pocket money? Buy Bitcoin. Grandma gives you money for your birthday? Buy Bitcoin. Parents sending you money to buy food? Buy Bitcoin, sometimes. Well, maybe too far, but you know what’s going on. You can exchange money that comes in extra to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, especially when it is from unexpected occasions. There is a good chance that you will multiply them in the long term. The answer to the question of how to buy Bitcoin can be simple: for additional funds.Where do you get money to spend on Bitcoins? Try gifts, additional funds, unexpected wires and all additional sources of cash or money. There is a chance you will multiply it in cryptocurrency market.
    70. Are you good at something? Win competitions, win prizes, give lessons and presentations. You can buy cryptocurrencies for prizes, rewards or cash trophies. Whether you play hockey, poker, scrabble, counter strike, solve math problems, beauty contest or races, often thanks to your high skills and luck, in various proportions you can supply the fund for which you buy cryptocurrencies.
    71. Use arbitrage between cryptocurrencies and national currencies. Check how the prices for Bitcoin are expressed in dollar, euro, yuan, yen, lira, rubel, peso on various exchanges. You will often find differences that can be used to grab a premium for making transactions between exchanges. You can also look for more complex relationships between national currencies and use foreign currency accounts or an online currency exchange office. Differences can sometimes reach up to several percent. Remember to include in your calculations time for transfers of funds between exchanges or accounts.
    72. Borrow money for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Although I do not recommend this method, it should be included on the list as one of the ways to get funds to buy cryptocurrencies. There is a case of a Dutchman who sold a house to buy Bitcoin, there is also a man in the USA who took a mortgage to buy cryptocurrency. In December 2017 they enjoyed results of a good decision: it brought them a multiple profit, which of course is not guaranteed until they close the position. If you have a gambler’s fondness, you can try this method, for example by taking a loan from a bank. Several times over the past few years, it turned out that those who started this way with Bitcoin gained a fortune or repeatedly multiplied their investment.
    73. Win Bitcoin in the lottery. Lotteries were a popular way of distributing cryptocurrencies when they were not yet very valuable, even as recent as before 2017. Today, sweepstakes can be tried in a few places, e.g. on a site offering bitcoin deposits with interest. The chance of winning about 1 BTC is not much higher than in the official Jackpot. What is not obvious to everyone, solo mining cryptocurrency is also a kind of lottery, because the chance to mine a block is very small, while the prize is quite large. Some did not have a problem with how to start with bitcoins: they won them in the lottery. Maybe you will be the next lucky person?
    74. Collect free Bitcoins. This is the simplest option, popular due to the fact that it was historically the easiest way to try: what cryptocurrencies are, how to conduct a transaction, etc. Currently, withdrawals from faucets and distribution programs are very small, which makes it unprofitable. If someone has a lot of time, though. The most popular service giving away small amounts of BTC also offers Bitcoin deposits with interest. This is one of the more popular ways to get started with Bitcoin.How to get free Bitcoin? Try registering in one of Bitcoin faucets. This way is the simplest introduction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and let to know what is address and how to make transaction. Free bitcoins for the start
    75. Marketing the product, pages or services for cryptocurrencies. This is a broad concept and there are a number of activities under the hood to promote what the contractor has entrusted us. Will it be a new clothing line, website, gadget, technologically advanced product or influence campaign, you can take up marketing activities. Such actions include word-of-mouth marketing on the internet, social media perception management, distribution of leaflets or collecting a mailing list, and many more. Hopefully, the payment will be proceed using cryptocurrency, for benefits of both partners.
    76. Trading domain names. The market for internet domains is experiencing a mild crisis, for some years weak domains have lost their value and prices of good domains have dropped to long-unseen, lower levels. On the other hand, a few years ago, many new top level domains have been introduced, and they are slowly gaining customers’ awareness. Everybody has a chance on this market, you can buy good domains and try to attract corporate clients or investors. Another option is to register good keywords with new ones and wait for a willing customer. A creative salesman will certainly find his niche. Maybe you could start with cryptocurrency-related domains?
    77. Trade and distribution not related to cryptocurrencies. If you are agile or have family traditions related to trade, you are able to find an opportunity to make a profit on commodity trading faster than the average person. Do you have access to a stand at a marketplace, a local shop or a website that is frequently visited? Try your best to import directly from a wholesale or producer from China and perform sales in your country. If you manage to work out profits, put them in cryptocurrencies.
    78. Trade digital or virtual items. Many people have heard about a knife in a computer game that is worth several hundred dollars. On the auction platforms you can find sales offers of characters or accounts from popular online games. If gaming is your passion and you live in the virtual world, you can use your commitment and skills to collect additional income, which can be located in Bitcoin. If you have well-equipped characters in multiplayer games or you have acquired unique items or badges, you could consider passing them on to someone who would like to have them. Of course for a reward.
    79. Sell educational materials that help people. If you are a specialist in your profession or you have an unusual but profitable hobby or skill, you can try to monetize your passion. Collect knowledge in a compendium and create an educational package, which in an accessible form introduces your field. You can also acquire the right to such a publication or study and include it to your product. Sales and distribution contribute to the popularization of the field, and you will earn additional funds that you can spend on the purchase of cryptocurrencies. You can also take on one of the very common problems and find a solution that will work for many people. There are a lot of topics: how to lose weight, how to quit smoking …
    80. Become a real estate broker. There are a lot of agencies in larger cities that employ staff to help in selling and presentation of apartments and houses. The policy of low interest rates, an increase in the standard of living and affluence has changed the real estate market in many countries. People really afford housing and homes, especially with support of cheap mortgages. Some even for more than one, investing in apartments for rent or apartments by the sea or in the mountains is something discussed at events and family gatherings. Do you want to make flips, renovate apartments and sell at a profit? Remember to allocate a portion of your profits in Bitcoin. This is not the easiest way to get Bitcoins, but even one successful transaction will make you a lot of cryptocurrency.
    81. Sell professional photos or offer photo sessions. If you are a photographer and you have professional equipment, you have the opportunity to get cryptos in a few ways. You can sell your photos for cryptocurrencies, publish an album with illustrative themes, preferably ones that are often used in press articles, calendars or books. Just suggest payment in Bitcoin. Another way is to conduct an individual photo session for cryptocurrencies. One more: work for an entrepreneur and provide a photo session of a product or service.If you are a professional photographer, try making photo sessions for Bitcoin. Whether it would be making pictures of a person, a product or a scene, you can get paid in Bitcoins.
    82. Offer professional Search Engine Optimization for Bitcoin. Due to the fact that roughly 100% of SEO business is conducted via the Internet, it is natural to pay for the service provided also on the Internet. If the other party wants to avoid banking and cash, there is no obstacle to finalize the transaction in cryptocurrencies. The biggest part of the SEO specialist work is gaining valuable links, but you can also find the influence marketing task for the company or customer’s product, social media projects, etc. If you are SEO specialist, try asking for getting payment in Bitcoin and educate your business partners.
    83. Rent a room, flat, house, garage, parking space, land for cryptocurrencies. Find a tenant for the property you have and offer a settlement in cryptocurrencies. This is another idea that is amazingly simple to implement. It often turns out that both sides of the transaction will benefit from the fact that the payment will be made without banks.
    84. Are you a handyman? Make repairs for cryptocurrencies. Are you able to help with problems related to electrics, leaking pipes, lost or broken key, faulty devices, broken car? You will find many people willing to use your skills. The more universal, the better: you can also surprise them with the awareness of technology and offer payment with cryptocurrencies. The great advantage will be receiving payments on the spot using a smartphone.
    85. Take Bitcoin as payment for the service. If you are an entrepreneur in the broadly defined services sector, consider accepting cryptocurrencies. Lawyers, doctors, taxi drivers, physiotherapists, instructors, IT specialists and many others have such a possibility. Try to identify among your clients potential contractors who can accept settling in Bitcoin. They are mostly young and technologically advanced. How to get more Bitcoins? It is great idea to start with offering a contractor such method of settlement.
    86. Tax return or tax refund into cryptocurrencies. Every year, around April (depends on the country, though), individuals receive return from the surplus collected by the tax office. If you are the lucky one who gets such a refund, why not turn it into cryptocurrencies and give yourself a chance to multiply this amount? An additional satisfaction with the purchase of Bitcoin for a tax refund is weakening fiat currency, in which returns are obtained. Of course by simply selling it and acquiring cryptocurrencies.Is is a good idea to exchange your tax return money for cryptocurrency? Depends on how much are you going to spend. Most likely it will increase your exposition to profits with Bitcoin.
    87. Accept Bitcoin for education in the field of cryptocurrency. You are in the world of cryptocurrency earlier than 90% of people. If you take your time to collect materials and have talent to clearly explain and perform successful presentations, you can organize cryptocurrency training among friends and acquaintances. In practical part of the meeting, you could show where to get cryptocurrencies, how to store them securely and where to get information from the industry. During the workshop, you show how to make the first transactions and secure the wallet. At the end you can accept a small donation in Bitcoin.
    88. Sell Bitcoin in an unusual payment system for the commission. There are many questions about payment systems posted online. Can I buy Bitcoin for Moneybookers? Can I buy Bitcoin for Paypal? Where to buy Bitcoin for a credit card? If you have some cryptocurrency already, you can sell a cryptocurrency for Paypal money, credit card or e-wallets for a reasonable commission. Remember to build trust by collecting comments from satisfied contractors. You should also analyze potential risks, such as money return requests via Paypal or Credit Card companies.
    89. Get Bitcoin for alternative cryptocurrencies, altcoins. It may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Bitcoin can be obtained by exchanging alternative cryptocurrencies. If you own Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, IOTA, Ripple, and many more altcoins, you can easily get rid of them at the current exchange rate on one of the online crypto exchanges. There are many investors, who are willing to pay Bitcoins for more risky altcoins.
    90. Lend Bitcoin to get it back with interest. In the world of smart contracts, it is not difficult to establish cryptocurrency transaction, planning to get cryptocurrency returned with interest. However, if someone prefers an old-fashioned contract, a civil law agreement would be the solution. Remember that if we treat cryptocurrencies as assets, their value changes over time and you should take this into account when considering what interest to ask.
    91. Deposit Bitcoin to the account with interest rate. It is not easy to find a trusted partner who pays interest for deposited funds. One of the options is a deposit on the site that allowed you to mine bitcoin on a computer in your browser in the past, as it has been operating since 2013 and pays over 4%. Make sure you analyze agency of your choice, because it is possible that if it would pay more than 4%, then there is a chance it is rather HYIP than safe deposit.
    92. Offer e-mail aliases in attractive domain name. If you have an interesting Internet domain, especially a short one (e.g. a two-character .no or three-character .com), you can offer the service of maintaining email aliases and charge a small cryptocurrency fee. It will cost you a bit of configuration on the server, but not too much. Make sure you do not maintain mailboxes, but just redirect messages to the client’s address. If you make a website advertising the service and implement payments in cryptocurrencies, the customer service process will be easier for both sides of the deal.
    93. Redirects and shorten links for Bitcoins. If you have a really short domain, you can establish a service that shortens the links. This is possible, for example, with a two-letter domain ending with a two-letter national TLD. The cheapest domains can be obtained in small countries with less population. The script that shortens links and provides statistics can be bought on programmers’ sites such as CodeCanyon. You can link the domain name with thematic product or services you provide or work in. For example, domain names related to cryptocurrencies or dedicated to residents of a specific region. This is proven way to start in Bitcoin world for IT professionals and has worked in the past.
    94. Breed and sell crypto kittens. Crypto kittens was a topic during first months of 2018. It has quickly gained popularity and even has clogged the Ethereum network. If you have a heart for games and you’re interested in genetics, it’s something for you. Unfortunately, as often happens, those who were first have a better chance of selling their offspring with a profit. Those who join later must count on the popularity of the game to grow. At the beginning of the service, internet search engines were overheating from asking how to start with cryptocurrencies or how to get started with Bitcoin, all thanks to this game.Try selling some crypto kittens! Do you know how to start? Buy first pair of cats in the Ethereum network and breed them until you get kitten you can sell for ETH.
    95. Sell antiques for cryptocurrencies. If you’re interested in history and like visits to an antique shop or you already have a collection of antiques, consider selling it for cryptocurrencies. This applies to old furniture, coins, memorabilia related to important dates or places. You can also buy antiques at good prices and resell them at a profit, which of course you will spend on cryptocurrencies. If you’re a specialist, it’s a great way to earn Bitcoins.
    96. Sell gold or silver. Another good way to earn bitcoin. For goldbugs it may sound like heresy, but it is a sensible idea to get some cryptocurrency. The gold and silver market has been stagnating for a few years and has not been profitable recently. If you are tired of the situation on the precious metals market, you can consider selling gold directly for cryptocurrencies. You just have to find a willing counterpart to settle in Bitcoin or sell precious metals at the dealer or online and transfer money to the cryptocurrency market. If you think it’s a good idea, maybe start today?
    97. Sell unused or old electronic equipment. Do you have a previous generation smartphone, a laptop or a computer that works, but no one at home is using it anymore? Place them on the auction portal, the page with classifieds or sell to a friend. The device will find application again, and you will get additional funds for the cryptocurrency purchases. Remember that even very old equipment from many years ago may be useful to someone, as a spare telephone or spare parts.
    98. Sell books for cryptocurrencies. Do we mean old textbooks, old pre-war editions or the latest, but already read novels, books are happy to find new owners. You can spend one or two autumn evenings cleaning shelves, describing them and listing them on the auction site. After sale there is only shipping left and you can enjoy additional funds that will of course go to Bitcoin. Unless you find someone who will buy a piece of your library directly for cryptocurrencies, using internet portals will definitely make the process easier.
    99. Sell stocks or shares. If the stock market falls, especially when it comes to emerging markets, maybe it is a good idea to get rid of some of the shares in risky companies and allocate funds in cryptocurrencies? The rates of return delivered by the stock exchanges are not the smallest, though. However, rethinking your investment strategy and moving some of your funds to a more risky, cryptocurrency sector may be the right decision for your portfolio. Do not forget to ask for the advice of your investment advisor before any transactions occur. If you have been involved in capital markets before, you can consider cryptocurrency investment as risky, technology sector.
    100. Sell your stuff for cryptocurrencies. You can arrange a garage sale for cryptocurrencies. It will probably be the first sale that accepts payments in Bitcoin in your area. Do not forget to post at least a short relation in social media if no one has done it before! If you do not have the option of a stationary sale, you can approach the topic traditionally. Selling unwanted items on eBay or classifieds portals is a productive activity for long autumn and winter evenings. The money raised this way will increase the holdings of your favorite cryptocurrency. Only if you won’t forget to buy a cryptocurrency for profits: choose cryptocurrency exchange with lowest fees.Selling unwanted stuff and things if one of the natural ways to get funds to buy cryptocurrency. Maybe you will organize first garage sale that accepts cryptocurrency payments and most of your neighbors learn what Bitcoin is?

    Have you found a way to get more cryptocurrency that works for you? This knowledge will also be useful to your friends. Help spread cryptocurrencies by sharing this article with friends on facebook or link on your website and let them join the financial revolution.

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