2 proven ways to get free Bitcoins

    10 years after the launch of the largest cryptocurrency projects, the most known websites popularizing Bitcoin are still operating. One of the oldest ways to get non-technical people interested in Bitcoins is to give them a certain amount of cryptocurrency for free.

    The effect achieved exceeds all expectations. Such people start to be interested in the topic and look for answers to the questions: how to store received BTC, how to send and trade BTC and how to get more satoshi?

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    Bitcoins completely for free?

    The instruction we wrote a few years ago allowed a large number of people who did not know what Bitcoin to get their first BTC. Our intuition did not disappoint us either, we recommended using the Bitcoin 4.08% deposit, which still pays interest every day.

    Several users asked us in private correspondence to refresh the article, which is what we are doing. Is it still profitable to start with free Bitcoins? See for yourself by earning dozens of satoshis with one click, which can bring you at least 250 satoshis a day (collecting free bitcoins is addictive!).

    At the end of the article, the second way to get free Bitcoins!

    Free Bitcoins is not a clickbait!

    The title is not a clickbait. In fact, it describes the way to get free bitcoins, you only need to have a secure Bitcoin address and some time. This is the simplest and most popular way to acquire a small amount of cryptocurrencies, organized in the intention to popularize technology and enable users to test and transfer their BTC holdings from the very beginning of their crypto adventures.

    Hence, it is not a strictly grab and run scheme, as it is organized action by miners, early adapters, engineers around the Bitcoin protocol and businesses involved in cryptocurrencies. Business will continue until it pays to distribute the smallest unit of account in the bitcoin ecosystem, that is 1 satoshi (= 0.00000001). 100 satoshis is at the moment of writing a little over half of a one US dollar cent.

    How to get free Bitcoins, instructions in one minute for those who don’t like long reads


    On the wave of ever higher BTC prices, let’s check out method of how to get small amounts of bitcoins for free. The goal is to collect enough satoshi to fund the BTC deposit and test it without any investment. The collection consists of continuous usage of Bitcoin distributing site and collecting a minimum deposit by claiming free Bitcoin every hour. This should take about three weeks with support or a few weeks more without. Below you will find: a description of the site, description of facilities and ways to speed up collection, general remarks about the bitcoin ecosystem and detailed calculations.

    TLDR end;

    Claim free bitcoins by clicking of freebitcoin site. It would take several weeks to collect enough btc to earn free btc from your deposit.

    Why would anyone give away Bitcoins for free?

    The mechanism itself is not unusual, surprisingly. Giving away bitcoins is a natural way to advertise cryptocurrencies. Remember, that this is a way to get a small amount of cryptocurrencies and popularize Bitcoin. We often recommend this method to people who have time and willingness to learn the basics of new technology, but lack motivation and funds.

    This guide is to serve as a summary of the idea and instructions in one: at the beginning it was intended for a circle of friends and people who asked us about BTC. Slow adaptation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem made the initial services grow into complex systems that meet more and more needs. The fact of adding paid deposit in Bitcoins by the in the form of a bitcoin interest deposit makes a positive impression.

    This is especially interesting since the interest rate is at a competitive level over 4% per year. Confidence in the cryptocurrency market is in permanent deficit and every service consisting of payment for storing money should attract great interest, especially provided by a player operating for a long time.

    The initial service of paying small amounts of cryptocurrencies for educational purposes, extended to the possibility of depositing bitcoins into a fixed percentage has become much more worthy of attention. I decided to refresh the description for 2019 and bring more people closer the chance of participating in the revolution: services of low-interest but potentially secure deposit in the world of cryptocurrencies.

    One digress, let’s look at the other side of the transaction. The offer of interest-bearing deposits, at the time of writing is 4.08% per annum, usually means simply the desire to raise capital.

    • The goal can be simply to earn from an organic increase in the value of the currency. Bitcoin can change it’s price very fast, for example topping several years ago at $1,300 for 1 btc, while at the end of 2018 we were over $6,000 for 1 BTC, almost to $3500 and back over $4000
    • Another idea is discouragement of depositors for withdrawals, at an interest of around 4% when bitcoin is at local price peaks
    • Perhaps the company has plans to implement a project that requires more capital to spend or a larger balance sheet. Basic ideas are an investment in extending the cryptocurrency mining activity (the company declares that its current share is 0.18% of the total bitcoin bitcoin ecosystem) or investments in other cryptocurrencies and their infrastructure
    • Most likely, only after couple of years the company already has a sufficiently large user base (4+ million), although the website requires refreshing. At the end of 2018, the user base grew to over 16 million accounts
    • At the end of 2018, the site continued to develop the mining part of cryptocurrencies, being an important node that maintains the Bitcoin ecosystem

    I hope that we have emphasized the word “usually” enough. In the wild west of the cryptocurrency, it is also important to check the risk of the company or venture going belly up. The first alarm signal would be the fact of daily settlement (0.0109589% daily, granted at a random time), although this may be used for marketing or technical reasons.

    Nevertheless, daily capitalization will cause the company to owe more interest to users, while day by day deposits will rise quicker by earned capital. The question is whether the growth rate will be lethal for the idea of interest-bearing deposits, eg in the light of the decline in BTC value?

    Factors worth following as well are: the company’s situation, comments of people related to the company, observation of the industry and ongoing projects, bitcoin exchange rate, delays in payment of deposits, quality of support and time of answering questions, etc. This would end the digression about organization and the risk.

    Is using Bitcoin faucets a good idea? If you have a lot of time, try to check the site regularly and claim as much value as you possibly could earn. Free btc from faucet

    Free bitcoins in just a few weeks?

    Let’s go back to reality. We know that there are free bitcoins for educational purposes and in addition to the new experience, there is an additional motivation. The site with free btc offers interest-bearing deposits with a real interest rate. Awareness of the wild west makes us want to risk as little as possible, so we aim at the lowest deposit level, account balance of over 30,000 satoshi.

    How to start earning free bitcoin? Step by step

    If you are willing to start with your own Bitcoin address, setup one in one minute by reading instructions: How to get BTC address.

    1. Register on the free bitcoin site with e-mail address or Bitcoin address.
    2. Claim your first free Bitcoins by clicking “ROLL” in the Free BTC page.

    As you notice, you earn variable amount of cryptocurrency. Let’s calculate how much could we earn.

    The script allows us to claim to our account about 50 satoshi every hour (at bitcoin price around $4000). The clock would adjust itself automatically and after one hour countdown you will be able to get BTC again. The roll value depends on the value of bitcoin, the number of granted satoshi increases with the rate of decline in the value of the currency and vice versa. From one IP address you can collect satoshi on only one account.

    Nothing prevents you to invite family members to sign up the account on a mobile phone that does not use home wifi, they could collect satoshi at the same time then. It is unrealistic to maintain the pace of 20 hits a day, but going to the site 6-8 times a day on two devices enables reaching 30,000 in just over couple of weeks week (if we’re lucky and the picture verification will be simple or will not turn on, everything will take care of us altogether about an hour).

    There were some major changes in the past. Due to the lower number of satoshi, it is worth supporting mining cryptocurrency through the browser. Browser cryptocurrency mining works doesn’t work for all accounts, check if your on your account mining would be enabled. Thanks to that, we are able to reach the target ceiling in just a few weeks. The deposit interest is activated automatically after exceeding 30,000 satoshi, and from then on several satoshi will be automatically added every day to the account balance. Voila, if everything goes well, maybe in a dozen or so years we will pay a good dinner;)

    You can win big in free satoshi lottery. Chance is small, but real.
    Win big in satoshi lottery. Chance is small, but sometimes number of rolled BTC increases significantly!

    For those who want more than the minimum

    The following section is for the persistent users, who want to increase their chances of collecting the most free Bitcoins. The satoshi collection process can be supported in many ways:

    • Supporting mobile devices and referring claiming of free satoshi to friends who are familiar with cryptocurrencies would result in more satoshi
    • Reward points, thanks to which you can, for example, draw 10% / 50% / 100% more satoshi for each roll. It is very important to be aware that the increased bonus can be redeemed only for 24 hours (ie for 23 turns) and to use it the most you need to visit the site more often that day
    • A more advanced strategy is to issue Reward points for getting even more Reward points, so that you can quickly replace them with the bonus just mentioned. The cost of this exchange is only refundable if we visit the website no less than 13 times within 24 hours
    • The most risky way is to play Multiply your BTC, but because it is a game with negative expected value, we recommend “hit and run” tactics, preferably immediately after profiting the minimal amount
    • For each roll you get tickets for a weekly lottery, where you can win up to 1 btc. During one roll, you get two tickets for the lottery – unfortunately, collecting a thousand tickets has the expected value of several usd cents. You can therefore, without much regret, disable lottery tickets for Reward points (in the “Profiles -> Disable lottery” section)

    There is an option for those, who are willing to really sit on this and get the most of the opportunity. The guide for the most persistent looks as follows:

    • Collect Reward points and use them roughly every two weeks for the Free BTC 500% bonus, which costs 1200 Reward Points. There would be 24 hours, during which you will collect 500% more from free rolls: 20 hits per page in 24 hours is a great result. Assuming that the roll is standard 32 satoshi, you would get 160, or almost 4000 satoshi on one day, from one account. One such action and you would get more than 10% of the threshold of the deposit.
    • The hardcore version to replace Reward Points for even more Reward Points, in this scenario you need at least two intense days: one in which you collect additional Reward Points with at least 13 hits a day (real targets in more than 20x), and another day it’s just “Free BTC bonus”.

    Scenarios for the most persistent are sensible only in two cases: you want to exchange our time for an interest-bearing deposit and you trust the company that it will be in business long enough for interest to grow to a satisfactory level without further effort. To give you hope, we received several messages from our readers who checked these strategies and applied them through 2017 and 2018, collecting much more than we had calculated. Thank you to all for contacting, summarizing, screenshots and improving these strategies.

    How to start with Bitcoins with no money? Check out free Bitcoins to earn and play. The big benefit is interest deposit.

    Are you looking for additional ways to get free Bitcoins?

    There is one more way to get free Bitcoins. Coinpot wallet allows you to collect many free cryptocurrencies in one place: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash. The second way to get free Bitcoins: how to do it?

    Register a free CoinPot wallet

    Coinpot is not working anymore, it closed in 2021. Coinpot was a consolidated wallet that allows you to collect free cryptocurrencies from faucets in one place:

    • Moon Bitcoin
    • Moon Dogecoin
    • Moon Litecoin
    • Moon Dash
    • Moon Bitcoin Cash

    You could collect free cryptocurrencies and assign them automatically to the wallet created with the one e-mail address. Additionally, the website offers the opportunity to earn tokens for completing challenges. Every month there are large amounts of Coinpot tokens to be won for the ranking leaders.

    Moon Bitcoin

    Moon Bitcoin is one of the most popular BTC faucets where you can get free satoshi every 5 minutes. Registration at Moon Bitcoin is free, and is best done using an email address from Coinpot. Otherwise, you must use a slightly inconvenient Bitcoin address. The Moon Bitcoin website displays a lot of ads that sponsor the website. You need to pay special attention to redirects that can sometimes happen while using Moon Bitcoin. In case of landing somewhere unintended, just go back to the previous page and continue to get free Bitcoins.

    Wheel of Fortune to get free Bitcoins

    The new way to get free Bitcoins is to play the Wheel of Fortune, a new service from freebitcoin. Every spin is a chance to win over 40 satoshi, reward points, lottery tickets (even for a Lamborghini draw), an Iphone or Rolex. Please make sure you get more chances to win if you buy and hold FUN tokens

    How to win Lamborghini or over 20 BTC?

    Another way to get free cryptocurrencies is through a promotion where Lamborghini is up for grabs. The Lamborghini lottery has already officially started. The proof that it works is the fact that its 3rd edition is already taking place! If you managed to collect enough BTC to buy the Golden Ticket, you can participate today. If not yet, check out the easiest way to increase your chances of having a Lambo below!

    Win a Lamborghini for getting free Bitcoins?!

    This is not a clickbait, though it may look like this. How to give yourself a chance to win a real Lamborghini? Lottery has already started with an unbelievable first prize: you can win a Lamborghini. What are the conditions? Step by step instructions:

    1. Create a free account at freebitcoin site
    2. Earn Golden Tickets, which are a chance for Lamborghini in the lottery: you get 1 Golden Ticket for every 0.00500000 BTC bet in Multiply BTC or you can buy 1 Golden Ticket for 0.00025000 BTC
    3. Receive free Bitcoins every hour and daily interest for BTC deposit! Thanks to this, the lottery tickets don’t have to cost you anything!
    How to win Lamborghini at freebitcoin? Read our hints and instructions.

    How do you get a chance to win a Lamborghini for free?

    If you take care of your account early enough, you are able to take part in the Lamborghini lottery for free or significantly increase your chances. How to do it? Simply use what freebitcoin offers, that is, get free Bitcoins and use them to purchase Golden Tickets. You can do it in many ways, the simplest of which is simply systematic logging in to the site and collecting BTC to your account.

    How to use BTC deposit to purchase Golden Tickets?

    Few users are aware of this, but the site offers DAILY INTEREST for BTC deposits. The interest rate is better than a regular bank cash deposit, and thanks to it the user can increase the chances of winning a Lamborghini. One ticket costs 0.00025000 satoshi, which you can see the present Bitcoin exchange rate in your currency. This means that depositing even less than 0.05 btc will allow you to earn at least a pair of Golden Tickets (assuming that once in a while you will log into the service and claim free Bitcoins).

    How to get Bitcoin? Earn cryptocurrency in easy ways and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto

    Is it worth playing Multiply BTC and receiving Tickets automatically?

    Lottery rules are very simple, Golden Tickets are awarded for playing Multiply BTC. Each 0.00500000 wagered in the game is one granted Golden Ticket. Multiply BTC is a game where house has a small advantage, so for anyone who develops a strategy, the stop loss level is important. The strategy should be based on the assumption that the profit earned in the short term should be paid out and secured, before the swings cause the capital to be wiped out. The temporary advantage can be achieved mainly thanks to the large bankroll, sensible selection of stakes and iron willpower to exit at the right moment. If you meet these conditions, try to earn as many Golden Tickets as possible.

    How to safely participate in the lottery to win Lambo?

    The answer to the question of how to take part in the Lamborghini game without risk is included in the idea of the website. All you have to do is set up an account quickly and collect free Bitcoins, so before the lottery finishes, you have already accumulated initial capital and interest. For those who are late, there may be a shortage of time, which will make them feel obliged to take a more risky game in Multiply BTC or depositing larger capital, which will accelerate the collection of interest. It is worth to act today, and to confirm that it is worth trying:

    Summarizing free bitcoin

    We are beginning with an obvious conclusion. You will not make big money here, you will not make even average money this way. If you count on the fact that you will earn a large amount of this way, unfortunately I will worry you. It is better to deal with solving a specific problem in the cryptocurrency ecosystem or try brokering or trading.

    The reason why you should try free bitcoins is the opportunity to participate in the next stage of the development of the bitcoin ecosystem. This time it is with low-interest, potentially secure deposits, just earning more cryptocurrency just by owning some.

    There are only a few dangers and unpleasantness in this scenario. The first is discomfort due to the temptation by the website to play games with negative expected value. Here I will briefly mention that the neutral scenario is losing your free deposit, and the very bad scenario is losing your own deposit.

    The second pain is distraction. What we pay for those short moments of checking in for more portions of the free deposit. Due to this simple fact, this method is not good for those who can use their time more economically. It’s better to just buy some bitcoins on the stock exchange or fund a pizza to a friend with some cryptocurrency in exchange for a handful of satoshis.

    On the other hand side, they are free Bitcoins!

    In addition, the benefits will reward those who need the motivation to learn what bitcoin is, to acquire a bitcoin address, learn how to handle bitcoin wallet, effort to learn and implement a private key protection method.

    You need to prepare a basic workshop to claim your first free satoshis. Thanks to this, the next steps, such as registration on the cryptocurrency exchange, giving small amounts for a beer to a friend with a BTC wallet or buying small things for a cryptocurrency suddenly become easy and available.

    Interested? Check your endurance and get free bitcoins as a reward.

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