Best anonymous cryptocurrency exchange without verification in 2018

    On the wave of popularity of cryptocurrencies, fewer and fewer investors pay attention to an extremely important factor that may affect future success. It’s about anonymity, often overlooked aspect. The mainstream entering the crypto chooses the route: cryptocurrency exchange account, top up with bank transfer, investment in cryptocurrencies, payment to dollars, back to a bank account. This is a safe way, but has several drawbacks: investment in cryptocurrencies becomes clear to big data operators, who immediately sell information about profiled users to marketers, banks and, what’s worse, government agencies. Can you avoid this?

    Is privacy the risk most crypto investors avoid?

    If you accept a higher risk to achieve anonymity and also buy for long-term holding, use the stock exchange where there is no document verification. You do not need to send ID, passport or driving license, which is often required by the western crypto exchange or ICO. It is obvious to state that such Bitcoin exchanges without verification are going to be used for trading only. Right after making transaction all cryptocurrency is going to be withdrawn to safe, offline wallet.

    Anonymous cryptocurrency exchange sites list

    For starters, the following, selected cryptocurrency exchanges of choice are: Binance, Mercatox and KuCoin. Let’s consider advantages and disadvantages.

    Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Try Binance, Bitcoin exchange for traders and active investors. Lowest fees and good opinions!

    Binance is the most popular choice among no verification required exchanges, mostly because huge incentive: trading fee promotion 0.15% instead of 0.2%, which is already very low. The other advantages are: no verification, website is fairly easy to use, mentioned before lowest commissions (0.15%, check special offer with lower fees) and availability of rare cryptocurrencies. It is still possible to register quickly and easily in Binance. Remember that after buying cryptocurrencies, move your portfolio to a secure wallet under your control.

    Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange located in Hong Kong. Daily withdrawal limit for non-verified users equals 2 BTC. Exchange provides also tools for traders, API and offers and deals, especially promoting new tokens with potential. Register for free at Binance.

    Cryptopia is New Zealand's biggest cryptocurrency exchange. If you are looking for remote location with English common law and wester society, this is the right place for trading bitcoins and altcoins

    Cryptopia was an offer from antipodes: New Zealand. This country, on the one hand runs under a British approach to the law, which is very positive aspect. On the other hand side, a country located this far from the world’s conflict zones gives hope that this jurisdiction is going to be peaceful and quiet, which works favorably in the context of portfolio. Registration is still open closed: Cryptopia has stopped operating in 2019 due to hack. Thanks to the law regulations, Cryptopia entered liquidation process and investors and customers are in the process of claiming their share.

    Fees are considerably higher than on exchanges in far east (starting from 0.4%), number of available tokens and coins is also a bit shorter. This is a good idea to have an account here anyway. Cryptopia isn’t definitely on the best anonymous cryptocurrency list anymore.

    Cryptocurrency exchange Mercatox allows digital asset trading on most of the main cryptocurrencies and some tokens with potential. Find out more opinions and reviews.

    CryptoExchange offers many really niche cryptocurrencies with potential. This is the first stock exchange that offered RaiBlocks, a cryptocurrency let investors cash in big profits in early 2018 (later it has been rebranded to Nano); here investor could also find Tron coin.  This UK’s exchange is quite old school now, but still doesn’t require authentication or documents to buy and sell coins. Register for free on Mercatox here.

    Chinese cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin offers not only buying and selling markets, but also robust referral program and buyback for bitcoin passive income.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange KuCoin offers not only anonymous trading, but also very interesting crypto passive income opportunity. On the other hand, they don’t even try to hide with their motto, which is “People’s Cryptocurrency Exchange”, which immediately reminds us about political climate of China. What are the advantages of KuCoin? No verification, anonymity, simplicity of the site and registration, the lowest commission (0.1%) among serious exchanges. Make sure you learn about KuCoin Shares, native KCS token, which allows users to participate in exchange’s profits. Free registration is opened at KuCoin.

    Anonymous cryptocurrency exchange sites summary

    If you are planning to buy and sell Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, you should seriously consider how are you going to manager your personal data. Due to increased interest of governments and offices, several laws like AML (Anti Money Laundering) or KYC (Know Your Customer) has been applied to the framework of cryptocurrency exchanges. Make sure you are following the line of law of your origin, but also keep in mind your portfolio’s security. It is considerably better to share personal documents with as few organizations as possible, right?

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