Best cryptocurrencies to invest in for a long term

    Investors are slowly forgetting about the golden age of cryptocurrencies. Some projects bounce back and rise, others are waiting for better times. However, the market is still full of good investment opportunities. How to check which project offers high potential and acceptable risk? We take up the challenge and evaluate several dozen selected cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential!

    What cryptocurrencies to invest in?

    If the average cryptocurrency investor is asked about the investment types, the most common recommendations are to buy the largest projects. Everyone knows Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, they also recommend stablecoins such as Tether, mainly as a view protection against hard times. What if you have an appetite for the greater risk and hopefully greater returns?

    The question of what cryptocurrencies to invest in is not easy, if only due to the fact that their number is already in the thousands. A clear and easy-to-apply strategy on the basis of which specific decisions are made is certainly helping to find your way around the digital asset market. The potential of the project can be checked by examining the team, the amount of capital raised and the chances of taking over the market or target group of customers. An important factor is the community that gathers around the project. Dedicated and supportive investors can contribute to the ultimate success of the project.

    Cryptocurrencies with potential can be found on many exchanges. Few of them selectively select them in terms of technology and potential returns on investment. However, there are exchanges where a token must meet many conditions to be qualified for trading, such as Binance. Set up a new account with lifetime commission rakeback.

    Cryptocurrency Maker DAO

    Cryptocurrency Maker

    How to quickly advance to the top list of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization? Create a project that has a real chance to revolutionize global financial markets. Is the Maker DAO phenomenon, which costs… a few hundred dollars for 1 MKR?

    Cryptocurrency Maker – what is it all about?

    The idea of ​​the Maker (MKR) project and its currency, the DAI stable coin, may seem complicated at first. And this is what it is, although after looking into the details the situation brightens up a bit. The idea for the DAI is simple: the unit of this currency is supposed to represent the value of one dollar USD.

    Unlike other stable coins, this is not done by manipulating the supply by a centralized system. Most often this is used by the bank as a base of physical dollars, which are the basis of issued stable coins. In Maker’s case, the exchange rate is secured by Ether, which is closed in smart contracts, and in the Maker ecosystem it is seen as a kind of collateralized debt.

    Is it a cryptocurrency money creation mechanism?

    In short, yes. The DAI generated by the secured debt can be used as a collateral and can be “circulated” again, just like the fractional reserve of banks in theory works. This is, among other things, the revolutionary nature of this solution. Decentralized banking, where real credit action takes place, is one of the reasons why this project quickly gained capitalization allowing it to be promoted to the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

    Where can you buy Maker?

    Maker DAO can be purchased on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, where you can find pairs from BTC, ETH and DAI. The most well known western exchange that supports Maker trading is BitFinex.

    Is it worth investing in a Maker? It cannot be denied that the financial revolution is happening before our eyes. The speed of implementing new functionalities surprises even those sitting in the industry. The MKR is floating and ranges between $300 and $600. If you can handle such changes, then it’s worth taking part in the DeFi revolution.

    Cryptocurrency Chainlink

    Chainlink focuses it's future be connecting point between blockchains.
    Cryptocurrency Chainlink

    Chainlink is a project that inflamed the heads of cryptocurrency investors. LINK experienced tremendous gains in a very short time: a token that was worth less than $ 1 soared to almost $20 in a short period. Two months after this shot, the price for 1 LINK was back below $10. What is behind such sharp increases in Chainlink price?The volatility of this cryptocurrency is tearing hats off.

    Chainlink works with tech giants

    Collaborating with big companies and corporations is a surefire way to pump up the course. Chainlink was no different. It is true that the announcement of cooperation with Microsoft did not follow the official route. Investors, however, quickly realized that Chainlink was involved in the projects together with Google and SWIFT. It was enough to fuel the machine of growth.

    Despite the fact that LINK is currently at the stage of the ERC-20 token and operates on the Ethereum blockchain, it does not prevent investors from constantly staking this cryptocurrency. The creators declare that Chainlink will become a link not only between cryptocurrencies with blockchain-based APIs, but also the entire financial ecosystem, currently dominated by Paypal, banks, Visa and Mastercard.

    Chainlink availability on major exchanges

    An important factor behind the pace of growth was the availability of Chainlink. You can get it on Binance, also in the form of synthetic derivative. The information about the addition of LINK to Coinbase added fuel to the upward trend. The largest trading volume is obviously on Binance, but it is chased by Chinese digital asset markets. Is it worth buying Chainlink? The chart looks promising in the long term.

    LINK shows longterm growth potential. Dips are higher.
    Chainlink cryptocurrency gains were speculative, but held at a higher level than they began. It’s worth watching!

    Is Chainlink’s rate of growth too fast? The Chainlink cryptocurrency appeared to have grown too fast. It could have been fooled into seeing declines after reaching the short-term high. Technical analysis suggested that we should observe uptrend canal and it’s dips, after which a new cycle of gains could begin.

    In fact, the pace of development of the project and the positive sentiment of investors worked. Tokens that have experienced declines more than 50% from their peaks may provide some attractive value for a long-term investor who can afford to average prices or needs a token for ongoing transactions or project work.

    The long-term uptrend on Chainlink remained intact. Investors who bought additional holes can be satisfied with themselves. LINK has been breaking new heights over the past year and is in a long-term uptrend.

    Cryptocurrency Tezos

    Cryptocurrency Tezos offers staking, which means automatic interest paid out to the holder.

    The Tezos cryptocurrency (XTZ) is a smart contracts platform for the development of decentralized applications. It is therefore comparable to Ethereum. On the other hand, Tezos proposes to solve the issue of deciding about the future of the venture by transferring the decision power to the holders of XTZ tokens. This means that everyone who owns the Tezos cryptocurrency has the right to vote on the most important decisions regarding the project and its direction. Tezos enjoyed lots of attention during the fundraising round. It raised millions of dollars from investors and over $250 million in cryptocurrencies at ICO.

    Staking Tezos

    Staking or soft staking is an opportunity to earn on the mere possession of cryptocurrencies, which gained popularity among investors. Now, users are already fond of this option, as evidenced by large amounts deposited on the Binance exchange, where you can earn up to a dozen percent per year. Users of Ledger wallets, i.e. Ledger Nano S and advanced Ledger Nano X, can take advantage of staking in the Ledger Live wallet.

    How to earn money just by owning the XTZ cryptocurrency? First, let’s check what it is all about. The Proof of Stake validation method, unlike the Proof of Work on which Bitcoin operates, allows owners to obtain additional benefits. Users “stack” their cryptocurrency and thus gain the right to validate transactions and create new blocks. It is one of the methods of getting rewarded for participating in the network. There are no downsides to the Proof of Work method, such as using huge amounts of electricity for mining. So how do you earn? It is enough to keep the Tezos cryptocurrency in a Ledger Live wallet or other wallet that supports staking, e.g. Atomic. With Tezos, the Liquid Proof of Stake mechanism is used. Token owners delegate voting rights to delegates without transferring ownership. This allows you to withdraw your tokens at any time without a grace period.

    The most convincing part of Tezos staking is probably comparably high interest rate, offered by the protocol. As of now, 7% let investor beat inflation and retain voting power.

    Cryptocurrency Algorand

    Will the Algorand cryptocurrency live up to the hopes placed in it? Pure Proof of Stake!

    We have already searched many projects and tokens in search of passive income from cryptocurrencies. Those with a low entry barrier, such as the daily-dividend Kucoin Shares token, offer a higher rate of return than a deposit in a bank. We checked other cryptocurrencies such as Neo, Vechain, or the BTT-giving cryptocurrency Tron.

    Algorand has joined the group of projects that operate on the principle of “who has got, gets more”. The project is backed by Silvio Micali, winner of many awards, including the prestigious Turing Award.

    Why is it worth paying attention to Algorand?

    First of all, Algorand is distinguished by its quick access to the restrictive Binance exchange, where it was one of the few representatives of the Proof of Stake approach. The technology based on PoS is particularly closely watched by the world of investors in digital assets. In these types of projects, achieving the right balance between security, scalability and decentralization means some returns on currency holding. ALGO is an example where a potential can turn into a useful solution. The key to success is a new approach: Pure Proof of Stake.

    The logic of this system is based on a few assumptions. Rather than forcing users to behave in a particular way through restrictions and penalties, the project assumes that success can be achieved otherwise. In theory, Pure PoS prevents a minority of users from cheating, and for most users, cheating simply does not pay off as unfair behavior would reduce the value of their wallets. The acceptance of blocks is handled by token holders, and the process is characterized by a lot of randomness, both in the case of proposing a block and its acceptance by the so-called committee.

    How to earn money on Algorand?

    Binance provides distribution of ALGO to users who store it on the exchange as an asset in Staking or Savings. Due to the fact that we do not recommend storing cryptocurrencies on exchanges, we recommend that you assess the risk of the Binance exchange and decide for yourself whether it is profitable to keep ALGO in this place.

    An alternative is the ALGO wallet for Android or iOS. It is a sensible proposition for long-term investors who expect a steady increase in the number of tokens in the portfolio, but it is worth keeping security measures. Atomic wallet comes to mind as an easy, entry level solution.

    Where to buy Algorand?

    Cryptocurrencies with potential can be found on many exchanges. Few of them carefully select them in terms of technology and potential returns on investment. One of them is the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, where a token must meet many conditions to be qualified for trading. Algorand obtained a listing on the largest cryptocurrency exchange at the very beginning of its operation. You can get it on Chilliz and Coinbase Pro as well.

    Cryptocurrency ZeroX (0x)

    Cryptocurrency ZeroX is one of DeFi solution, popular among investors.

    The 0x cryptocurrency (ZRX) is a cryptocurrency that uses the advantages of the Ethereum blockchain and tries to strengthen them even further, co-creating the DeFi revolution. Believing in the success of ETH, it assumes that more and more digital assets and resources will use the Ethereum chain, introducing the possibility of trading and exchanging these tokens.

    The projected solution is going to be universal and decentralized, and the supported types of tokens are not limited to cryptocurrencies and finances. The project provides support for multiple classes of digital and physical assets. The 0x protocol allows tokens to be sent outside the main chain, which significantly relieves the network and reduces fees. Design decentralization allows anyone to set up a node and participate in ensuring network security and stability.

    0x cryptocurrency is one of the most popular cryptocurrency traders choices among Decentralized Finance. It is connected with hopes for the development of the DeFi sector, as the industry of traditional finance will allow the transformation to the modern solutions. To buy it quickly, it’s best to choose the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, where the most ZRX transactions are made. 0x is quite volatile, but a long rebound from the support around 20 cents may herald a long term breakout.

    Long term investment in the digital assets

    Do you agree with our choice? Remember, there are thousands of projects to choose from. Please post your picks on our social media platform!

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