Best cryptocurrency exchange for the smart investor

    The search for the best cryptocurrency exchange is a task that awaits smart investor, who wants to take advantage of the future profits of blockchain technology. An investment in cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to become a “shareholder” of the technological change initiated by Bitcoin. We have analyzed digital assets exchanges in terms of costs, ease of use and risk, to find out which cryptocurrency exchange is the best choice.

    Thanks to a decade of development, cryptocurrencies have already become a mature product. Over the past years, which have been demanding for investors in cryptocurrencies, most projects and services have solidified and gained experience in operating on the digital asset market.

    For many cryptocurrency investors, the exchange has become a place where they spent a lot of time trying to apply their speculative strategies. The largest exchange, Binance, increased its advantage and added many new functionalities. We have added new, promising exchanges, including those offering a game with great leverage. The future will show what the financial services market in the cryptocurrency sector will look like in the new decade 2021-2030.

    We remind you that it is very important to keep cryptocurrencies under your own control and not directly on cryptocurrency exchanges. Not your keys, not your crypto.

    What is the best cryptocurrency exchange for smart Bitcoin investor? Find out with our review, best cryptocurrency exchanges with risk and opinions

    Best cryptocurrency exchange has certain features

    What are the most important criteria when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange? Firstly, there are:

    • financial situation as a company,
    • the stability of the payments and transactions processing software,
    • number of supported markets: the more cryptocurrencies, the better,
    • the simplicity of service,
    • the ease of setting up an account.

    For those who plan to actively speculate, the amount of commissions charged on transactions is important. Those who often pay cryptocurrencies, because they feel safer by keeping them in a secure place, for example on a bitcoin hardware wallet, will certainly pay attention to the amount of commission on deposits and withdrawals. All of these parameters have been checked and below is a summary of the best cryptocurrencies exchanges. Before the first order, read the information published by the stock exchanges in the regulations, fee tables and frequently asked questions.

    Preferred cryptocurrency exchange list

    Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Try Binance, Bitcoin exchange for traders and active investors. Lowest fees and good opinions!

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Binance

    Country: China (Hong Kong)

    Risk: Low to Moderate

    Easy to use: Fairly easy to use, very low fees, many cryptocurrencies, tools for traders, savings, staking, automation with API and many more

    Fees: 0.2% (special offer 0.15% with Binance Coin: 25% less fee)

    Cryptocurrency list: all popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCC, IOTA, XRP, XMR, BCN, USDT and many more)

    Registration: register for free at Binance with commission cashback!

    The cryptocurrency exchange Binance has continued to experience rapid growth in recent years. It is not only the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, but also an ecosystem that offers comprehensive solutions. Starting from the possibility of purchasing cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card, through investing in selected tokens, to staking, i.e. the possibility of earning up to 15% per year for the deposited assets. Support in many languages and the possibility of storing cryptocurrencies in your native are convenient additions.

    Bitfinex is american cryptocurrency exchange targeting big investors with reasonable capital. Please note that at the moment registration is opened to bigger investors only

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Bitfinex

    Country: Hong Kong

    Risk: Low to moderate, risk connected to Tethers

    Easy to use: Moderately easy to use

    Fees: 0.3%

    Cryptocurrency list: big number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, XDG, USDT and many more

    Registration: free registration for any investor looking for reliable exchange

    BitFinex is a legendary exchange that has reopened to new users. The exchange allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, bet with leverage and earn money by lending cryptocurrencies to those who play with leverage. Bitfinex supports a large number of popular cryptocurrencies, including the Unus Sed Leo cryptocurrency.

    Who needs digital asset exchanges?

    A cryptocurrency exchange for large and small investors

    Which cryptocurrency exchange should a cryptocurrency investor choose? One that will ensure the security of high-volume transactions and fast deposits and withdrawals. The availability of a large number of cryptocurrencies also matters. Investing large amounts excludes keeping money on stock exchanges for obvious reasons. Cryptocurrencies immediately go to a private hardware or paper wallet after the transaction.

    A cryptocurrency exchange for active traders

    What if someone trades a lot? You can make thousands of transactions with even a small amount of capital. As long as the deals are ultimately profitable, everything is fine. Trading uses bots and automated systems, and the image of a pensive trader with a hand on the mouse, deciding manually about levels and transactions is a thing of the past.

    What is most important for active cryptocurrency traders? Low commissions. An active speculator can make, usually automatically, thousands of transactions a day, most of which will be charged with the cost to be paid by the cryptocurrency exchange. Hence the need for the lowest commission, which should not be more than 0.1%.

    A cryptocurrency exchange for daytraders and traders

    Daytrading has many faces. If it is automated and systematic, access to many markets counts, most often on many cryptocurrency exchanges. The reason is the possibility of arbitrage, even at low volume. Day traders who employ an arbitrage strategy place their capital in the marketplace facing a lower risk. This is possible thanks to better starting prices of transactions, obtained on the basis of price analysis in various places and choosing the lowest or the highest, depending on the strategy. However, it is often a race with speculators who automate the use of price differences in the largest markets.

    The cryptocurrency exchange must meet several conditions: low commissions, a lot of cryptocurrencies and APIs that enable automation of trading. In addition, it is worth finding several such exchanges so that you can immediately focus on taking advantage of the price differences.

    A cryptocurrency exchange for a trader is one that meets the demanding criteria. The best cryptocurrency exchange must provide:

    • low commissions
    • availability of many cryptocurrencies
    • API enabling automation of trading
    • safe and fast transfers with a large daily limit

    Detailed cryptocurrency exchange list

    The list of cryptocurrency exchanges is very long. Their evaluation is done by rating experts, users and cryptocurrency data collecting sites. Parameters such as the number of transactions or the volume of cryptocurrencies sold and bought are manipulated. Exchanges may want to be ranked high on exchanges under various criteria.

    Binance review

    The exchange mentioned above in a short summary is a clear leader, with several hundred selected cryptocurrencies and a high level of trust.

    A year of increased activity in the cryptocurrency market is enough for hundreds of thousands of people to become interested in the subject of crypto. Many people not only invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the long term, but also began to actively participate in the world of trading, tokens and projects with potential.

    Buy cryptocurrency using credit card on Binance

    Good news for investors in digital assets! Savings on currency conversion are coming. The Binance exchange has introduced the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card in the most national currencies.

    Just visit the stock exchange website and go to the “Buy crypto” section, and then select your currency from the scrolling list. Visa and Mastercard cards are currently supported and, according to the announcement of the exchange, more to come. For PLN, you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) and Ripple (XRP).

    Binance cryptocurrency exchange is a good choice for both large and small investors. The largest ones will receive excellent liquidity in many markets, even in smaller cryptocurrencies. The high threshold of anonymous withdrawals, 2 BTC per day, will allow you to effortlessly manage the security of your capital. The ability to earn a dozen or so percent on soft staking is an additional benefit. Small and novice investors can buy cryptocurrencies in their currency using Visa or Mastercard cards. Exchange provides access to all popular cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization.

    Binance Futures

    Binance Futures is a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrency futures. Sounds too complicated? The simplification is that there is no need to buy cryptocurrencies, maintain the private key and secure them. It is just a “contract” to buy instead, often even with a lever, to get exposure to the cryptocurrency market. The new platform means users have to learn it, so Binance is giving away users $ 10 no catch for incentive.

    Binance Savings and Staking

    There is rather new opportunity to earn money on cryptocurrencies. Users were given the chance to earn 5%, 10% or even 15% per annum just for sharing their USDT, FIL or BNB? Check out Savings and Staking section to find out which cryptocurrencies you can deposit and earn interest on. List is long, and record interest exceeds 100% (FIL cryptocurrency) or 20% (DOT and some others).

    Why is it worth having an account on Binance?

    The most popular cryptocurrency exchange has become one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency solutions. It is not only a place where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another. It is a trading center where both the usual currency pairs and instruments offering a lever game are available. The stock exchange also enables payments in native currencies using credit or debit cards. Thanks to this the barrier of expensive currency conversion from dollars, pounds or euros disappears.

    The stock exchange also offers Savings and Staking, i.e. earning cryptocurrencies just for owning them. Staking, because this is what we are talking about, allows you to receive additional cryptocurrency just for storing it on the exchange. The amount of cryptocurrencies received is specified in the annual interest rate. The principle of operation is similar to bank deposits. Cryptocurrencies available for Savings and Staking are: Theta, Loom, Atom, Kava, Tezos, Tron, Algorand, One, Fetch.AI, Stratis, Qtum, Komodo, Vechain, Ontology, Neo, Elrond, Stellar, and many more.

    If you have an account on Binance, take advantage of the life-long cashback offer for the new accounts. Register an account with a new e-mail address and get your fees back!

    Bybit review

    ByBit cryptocurrency exchange is based in Singapore (the company is registered in the British Virgin Islands) and enables cryptocurrency trading. Like the industry leader BitMex, the exchange offers trading with up to 100x leverage. The stock exchange uses secure cryptocurrency storage solutions (cold wallets), and the website itself enables encrypted data transfer and the use of two-factor authentication.

    ByBit offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and EOS futures. The good news for beginners is the possibility of using collateral such as Stop Loss, Auto Deleveraging and automatic top-up.

    A fee is charged for each executed order. Interestingly, Market Makers get money if their order is completed! This means that if a Taker is found who joins his order, they receive 0.025% of the order value (i.e. the commission is -0.025%). Market Taker will pay 0.075%.

    ByBit registration and bonus

    To join traders using ByBit, have an email address or mobile number ready. Then go to the registration page (get the bonus!) And fill in the required fields. Registration is undemanding, you only need to come up with a secure password and confirm your e-mail address. Then you can move on to more pleasant activities: collecting bonuses up to $60!

    Welcome bonus, which is the first $10, can be obtained in a very simple way. All you need to do is share your pinned tweet from your ByBit profile (no need to even make a deposit!). The funds can be used for free learning or trying out a trading strategy. Make sure you are on the list of people who have both shared a twitter on their account and registered for the first time.

    Deposit bonus, this time in the amount of almost $50, can be obtained for a deposit of the appropriate amount. If you intend to spend more than 0.2BTC or 6 ETH on the game, you will receive an additional $50 from the exchange. Trading profits with this amount can be withdrawn! Funds will be automatically added to your account after registration and deposit.

    ByBit exchange is just beginning its way to provide services to millions of users. It is worth taking advantage of the fact that in the initial stage of operation, there are bonuses encouraging deposits and placing orders to increase liquidity.

    BitBay review

    BitBay is the biggest cryptocurrency in Europe. Started in Poland, it finally moved to Malta in 2018. Try Bitbay and find out if this cryptocurrency buying and selling market is right for your needs

    The former Polish cryptocurrency exchange evokes extreme emotions. It is the undisputed leader in terms of Polish users, especially among those who do not speak English well. What is worth knowing about BitBay?

    First, do frequent company residency moves mean trouble for BitBay users? The BitBay exchange is very popular among Polish cryptocurrency fans. Users trusted the exchange to such an extent that at a time when only a few cryptocurrencies were listed on the BitBay exchange, Poles bought up to the bottom of the cryptocurrency offer sheet such as Game or Lisk. There were several hundred of them on the largest exchange, Binance, back then. For most speculators, it ended up losing virtually all of their speculative capital and ending their adventure with the market. We know very well that to recover from the loss of 90%, you need to multiply the remaining capital ten times to get back up.

    Also, if you were less fortunate, you could have a problem just trying to withdraw funds from the exchange. One concerned client of the exchange complained that the stock exchange did not want to pay him equivalent of 30k USD and kept them not only against its own regulations, but also against the regulations in Malta and the European Union.

    The recommendation from an interview with one of the leaders of the exchange who recommends keeping cryptocurrencies on the popular online wallet, is also unclear. It is in direct contradiction to the basic security principles when investing in cryptocurrencies (not your private key, not your cryptocurrencies).

    BitBay has announced that Pinewood Estonia OÜ has received an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange operating license, therefore it is moving the entire exchange to Estonia. It is no secret that Estonia is a good place to do business. This small country does not have the resources to control the companies that register en masse in offices and law firms. An important question is what was not to like about Malta, which is even more blockchain-friendly?

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Bitbay

    Country: Estonia, formerly Malta (launched in Poland)

    Risk: Average, biggest European exchange

    Easy to use: Moderately easy to use, low number of cryptocurrencies

    Fees: 0.73% (decreases according to growing volume)

    Cryptocurrency list: average number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, LSK and fiat USD, EUR and PLN

    Registration: free registration BitBay

    BitFinex review

    BitFinex resumed accepting new registrations after a long hiatus. It might seem to be a bit behind, but it is a wrong impression. The exchange is run by iFinex, registered in the British Virgin Islands and offers brokerage services to residents almost all over the world.

    BitFinex is known to have very good liquidity, so traders can expect a price that is close to the market equilibrium. Trading Spot, with leverage and earning on liquidity are advantages that attract traders. The trading is facilitated with a nice interface and great apps for iOS and Android.

    There is also connection between USDT and BitFinex. Some investors say it is a significant tailwind for exchange operations.

    Coinbase review

    Coinbase and Coinbase Pro for advanced users are still the most popular choice among beginners in the US and the West. The stock market is trusted by investors for its transparency. The San Francisco-based firm is backed by a number of industry renowned investors. It is the largest Bitcoin broker in the US, offering the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, the ability to keep cryptocurrencies in your wallet and the use of a developer API.

    The cryptocurrencies available on Coinbase depend on the region the investor comes from. The list can be found on the official website. The downside of the exchange is, paradoxically, its openness, because it is already known that it shares user data with the US officials.

    Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is giving away free bitcoins. Create account and sell or buy BTC for hundred dollars.

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Coinbase

    Country: USA

    Risk: Low, but sometimes suffers from technical difficulties. Market pioneer, many customers, well recognized

    Easy to use: Very easy to use, low number of cryptocurrencies

    Fees: 0.2% + other fees,

    Cryptocurrency list: low number of cryptocurrencies, only BTC, BTH, ETH, LTC

    Registration: free registration with $10 bonus

    Poloniex review

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Poloniex

    Country: USA

    Risk: Moderate, long history

    Easy to use: Fairly easy to use, although sometimes servers can’t handle traffic

    Fees: 0.4%

    Cryptocurrency list: moderate number of cryptocurrencies, traded on BTC, ETH, XMR and USDT markets)

    Registration: free registration

    Kraken review

    Kraken is an exchange that advertises itself as the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. The interface allows even novice users to easily navigate, which makes the exchange popular in the USA.

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Kraken

    Country: USA

    Risk: Moderate, long history

    Easy to use: Fairly easy to use, moderate number of cryptocurrencies

    Fees: 0.4%

    Cryptocurrency list: moderate number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, XDG and USDT

    Registration: free registration

    Bittrex review

    Bittrex is an american cryptocurrency exchange with large community. Please find out detailed information about Bittrex digital marketplace.

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Bittrex

    Country: USA

    Risk: Low

    Easy to use: Moderately easy to use

    Fees: 0.5%

    Cryptocurrency list: Moderate number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, XDG, USDT and many more, like TrueUSD

    Registration: free registration

    HitBTC review

    HitBTC to giełda kryptowalut z Azji, która wspiera wielką liczbę tokenów i kryptowalut. Dostarcza inwestorom możliwość analizy technicznej i tworzenia wykresów w czasie rzeczywistym.

    Cryptocurrency exchange: HitBTC

    Country: China

    Risk: Moderate to high, due to lots of unresolved user matters

    Easy to use: Fairly easy to use, very low fees

    Fees: 0.2%

    Cryptocurrency list: Very large number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR and lots of tokens.

    Registration: free registration on HitBTC is available

    Mercatox review

    Cryptocurrency exchange Mercatox allows digital asset trading on most of the main cryptocurrencies and some tokens with potential. Find out more opinions and reviews.

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Mercatox

    Country: United Kingdom

    Risk: Moderate

    Easy to use: Moderately easy to use

    Fees: 0.5%

    Cryptocurrency list: Large number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR and very large number of niche tokens.

    Registration: free registration on Mercatox

    Changelly review

    Cryptocurrency exchange Changelly offers really easy cryptocurrency transfer between tokens, wallets and currencies. It provides best rate among all cryptocurrency exchanges.

    We are checking the next place where you can exchange cryptocurrencies or buy cryptocurrencies using various payment methods. This time we direct our attention to Changelly, a place that, according to its announcements, provides instant and cheap conversion between cryptocurrencies. In addition, it adds a few benefits. What makes this cryptocurrency exchange based in Prague, trusted by millions of users?

    Easy exchange between altcoins for low commission

    This is done by means of orders on various exchanges, and an automatic trading bot is responsible for the success of the shares. The machine has access to the largest trading platforms, including Poloniex and Bittrex. And these platforms look for arbitrage opportunities (which we suspect) or simply compare and commission at the best prices found. The commission for the exchange is fixed 0.5%, which for finding the best price at the moment seems to be a bargain price.

    On Changelly, you can also buy cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card. However, unhappy users pointed out that it is possible to hit a time when it costs great commissions. However, this is not inevitable, fortunately the final amounts are detailed in real time on the transaction confirmation screen. Therefore, we read carefully everything that the stock exchange displays to us. We have already explained why buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card is difficult for the stock exchange or the dealer.

    The stock exchange is theoretically anonymous, the only thing you need to conclude a cryptocurrency exchange transaction is an e-mail address. This is a very nice change from Western solutions, which often require gymnastics and juggling with documents and photos to be able to start trading at all.

    Is Changelly worth trying? It’s definitely worth setting up a free account and testing the cryptocurrency exchange at the best offer on many platforms. Especially if you are a power user and you read carefully what is presented on the screen and check the addresses and the correctness of completing the forms several times. It is all the more so because Changelly has a great and modern interface that shortens the path to concluding a transaction.

    Cryptocurrency exchange: Changelly

    Country: Hong Kong

    Risk: Low

    Easy to use: Very easy to use, Changelly looks through crypto market for the best exchange rate and executes best bid for a small fee

    Fees: 0.5%

    Cryptocurrency list: Most popular cryptocurrencies from CoinMarketCap list

    Registration: free registration Changelly

    Kucoin review

    Chinese cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin offers not only buying and selling markets, but also robust referral program and buyback for bitcoin passive income.

    The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is one of the fastest growing exchanges. It was the first to offer its users redistribution of a profit from the commissions earned. KuCoin Shares holders receive a daily dividend. You can also trade with leverage on the exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange also offers staking, which is earning and interest on deposited tokens.

    Cryptocurrency exchange: KuCoin

    Country: China

    Risk: Moderate with additional earnings potential

    Easy to use: Easy to use, very low fees, many cryptocurrencies

    Fees: 0.2% (special offer: Kucoin Shares bonus with referral program and passive income)

    Cryptocurrency list: all popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCC, IOTA, XRP, XMR, BCN, USDT and many more)

    Registration: register for free at KuCoin

    If you would like to include opinions or comments other reliable stock exchanges to this list, please write us. Share this review on Facebook, if you think that your friends will benefit from expanding knowledge about the available cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Buying cryptocurrency locally is an alternative to exchanges

    Paxful review

    Paxful is a quickly rising local cryptocurrency exchange. Its main advantage is consisted on by unusual way of exchanging, which is by using gift cards

    LocalBitcoins review

    At the beginning, there is a place worth mentioning. It stands out with high level of security, a long history of successful transactions and satisfied users: LocalBitcoins. A place that connects people who want to buy Bitcoin with those who want to sell. Great advantage over the stock exchanges is that it is often possible to find a counter party with whom you can conduct an anonymous transaction. In cryptocurrency world it is important to minimize the share of easily identifiable transfers to exchanges at all. You have probably checked most popular sites like reddit for best cryptocurrency exchange. It is difficult to sort out many contradictory opinions in one place, isn’t it?

    Best cryptocurrency exchange summary

    Selecting place to handle cryptocurrency transactions is extremely important, because we deposit to the stock exchange not only our trust, but also capital and time. It’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the details of individual services and set up accounts on several stock exchanges (most of the time they are free). Trying recommended method of payments and transactions do not cost much and will allow you to check how the given exchange works and will make selecting a long-term, trusted partner handling transactions and storing cryptocurrencies easier.

    For now, Binance is the first choice. We constantly monitor the market to look for the best opportunities for the investors.

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