Ledger Nano S wallet is suitable to hold Bitcoins, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallet is secure way to keep cryptocurrencies.

    Best cryptocurrency wallet – Ledger Nano S test and review

    One of the creepiest secrets of cryptocurrency world, especially Bitcoin, is a fact that this ecosystem is like Wild West: when you get unlucky, within one second you can lose everything you have collected through years. Whether it will be bankruptcy of the cryptocurrency exchange, wallet stealing or...
    Is Neo cryptocurrency real competitor to Ethereum? See Neo coin price and predictions, opinions and analysis.

    Is cryptocurrency NEO a potential winner?

    Cryptocurrency Neo is considered in China the most determined competitor of Ethereum. This belief makes sense if you look at the prices of both these cryptocurrencies. Neo achieves a medium-term support at the level of a dozen or so dollars, and Ethereum has floated around the limit...