2 proven ways to get free Bitcoins

    10 years after the launch of the largest cryptocurrency projects, the most known websites popularizing Bitcoin are still operating. One of the oldest ways to get non-technical people interested in Bitcoins is to give them a certain amount of cryptocurrency for free.

    Beginner’s guide: how to get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

    There were multiple mentions about cryptocurrencies in recent years all across mainstream media, for several occasions. Most often the reason was a sudden and strong rise in crypto prices, new fortunes, but there were also deep price drops, huge losses as the result of hacking, controversial regulations...

    How to get Bitcoins? 100 ways to earn cryptocurrency!

    Most people have already heard of cryptocurrency, whether from friends, news from radio and television about rising prices or read articles on major news websites. However, there is still a lack of awareness of how to go from someone who has heard about Bitcoin to someone who...