Ethereum Classic wallet. How to quickly get ETC address?

Experienced cryptocurrency user knows that the basic condition for using the benefits of blockchain-based finance is strong security. Easy and available transfer of value between Ethereum Classic users comes second. What could be ETH wallet? A pair of addresses consists of a private key that must be securely stored and protected, and a public key, which is the address identifier and serves as the account number. We pass the public key to the other side of the transaction and receive the funds sent to this address.

How to get Ethereum Classic address?

Ethereum Classic address can be set up on ClassicEtherWallet website. It is a fully functional wallet, but it is explicit, that it is owner who is responsible for security of the private key.

Ethereum Classic address. Get Ethereum Classic wallet in easy steps

Get Ethereum Classic address in three easy steps:

  1. Visit ClassicEtherWallet website. Secure your new address with a password that will be used to access your account via a web browser on the ClassicEtherWallet website. Enter the password in the field where it says Do NOT forget to save this!Get Ethereum Classic address and store ETC securely in Ethereum Classic wallet. Step by step instruction.
  2. Download the file that stores the key, by clicking the button: Download Keystore Key (UTC / JSON). Remember not to open downloaded file! The file will be used to open your wallet on MyEtherWallet website or in Mist, Geth software wallets or the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. You will be asked to upload this file when you access the wallet.
  3. Print the public key and private key on a paper wallet only if you are able to safely store it. If not, save the public key only, it will be used to make the transaction. You could access your portfolio with the Keystore file and password, among other options.

Thanks to this method, you will instantly get the Ethereum Classic address. For increased security, it can be transferred to Ethereum Classic’s secure hardware portfolio or Ethereum Classic wallet in your browser. You can also start using smart contracts or send tokens.

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