How did Enjin cryptocurrency let investors earn 200% in one day?

    We already know the winner of the media buzz of the last months, which has been blown up around the generic support of cryptocurrency in the latest Samsung smartphones. It was the Korean cryptocurrency Enjin coin, or actually the Enjin ecosystem based on blockchain.

    In short, who had registered an account on Binance or KuCoin, has been able to invest in Enjin Tokens at a low price for quite a long time. And many people have, although the structure of demand before the announcement of cooperation with the largest manufacturer of smartphones did not reveal many owners counting on rapid profits. It is true that some have put on the Korean corporation’s tendency to cooperate with Korean blockchain projects, but this has not been obvious before.

    Cooperation with Samsung let Enjin coin join other high value tokens on coinmarketcap list.

    What exactly is Enjin?

    Enjin Coin is an ERC-20 token that works on Ethereum blockchain. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if it were not for the environment, which complements this token for the gaming ecosystem. First of all, there is an Enjin portfolio that supports not only native cryptocurrency, but also Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Secondly, the Ethereum ERC-1155 gaming API and tokens allow players and developers to provide infrastructure for building games and entertainment projects.

    In these environments, the native ENJ token is used for the transaction and maintenance of the network, which supports constant demand. Thirdly, players are able to use items in their competitions, which are exchangeable to the Enjin cryptocurrency. This is practically a game changer compared to projects that operate on micropayments and the need to top up the player’s account with fiat money.

    How did it happen that Enjin was chosen by Samsung?

    For starters, it’s worth discussing what really happened. Samsung on it’s show presentation revealed how the company will approach the implementation of cryptocurrencies in it’s smartphones. The slide includes mentions of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Enjin Coin.

    Doubts may be aroused by the intention of using a cryptocurrency, because although Enjin was in the first row next to the cryptocurrency with the largest capitalization, it does not mean that it will serve to service the transaction. Maybe its use will be limited to games and entertainment? In each case, however, it is a great step forward towards greater adaptation and rapid development of the project.

    How could you earn 200% in 24 hours?

    In short, Enjin Coin tripled its value in just one day. Looking closely at the ENJ chart, we will see an increase with respect to BTC from 0.00000958 BTC to 0.00002943, which is over two hundred percent!

    Enijn Coin price chart showing big price increase, that could be benefited for investors with Binance and KuCoin accounts

    What to do now? If you are the owner of the Enjin cryptocurrency and have been holding it for a long time, it is definitely worth taking the opportunity and realizing some of the profits. If you have the option, withdraw the original investment and treat the rest as a risk free investment. There is a good chance that the majority of rises based on hot news are behind us. Perhaps, up to the announcement of a gaming project on Samsung smartphones.

    Where can I buy Enjin?

    Where can an investor buy cryptocurrency Enjin Coin the cheapest? Cryptocurrency exchanges with the lowest commissions (0.2% for the entire transaction) are located in China. The biggest one is Binance, where the largest turnover is the ENJ.

    Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Try Binance, Bitcoin exchange for traders and active investors. Lowest fees and good opinions!

    Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is the largest cryptocurrency market. Its advantages of using it are no need of verification, simple interface, lowest commissions (0.075%, the promotion while using BNB). Daily sales of Enjin tokens amounted to as much as 80 million dollars a day (50% of the total turnover of this coin).

    Chinese cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin offers not only buying and selling markets, but also robust referral program and buyback for bitcoin passive income.

    The cryptocurrency market KuCoin not only has low commissions: 0.2% per transaction, but also offers shares analogous to the dividends from stock exchange shares. The KCS market pays investor commissions, which comes from fees collected by the exchange.

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