How to buy IOTA? Price prediction and analysis

    Internet of Things tokens, the IOTA cryptocurrency, is regaining publicity again. It is becoming more and more recognizable, among others thanks to cooperation with leading industrial manufacturers such as Bosch. Other companies, including Chinese and Korean, have expressed their interest. How to take this opportunity? IOTA is available on few exchanges and installing a wallet requires a lot of effort and access to technological knowledge.

    The cryptocurrency continues to aim to solve the problem of freeing user’s data from the control of corporations and large companies. The futuristic vision of the creators of the IOTA cryptocurrency has great prospects. Visions of an autonomous network, in which devices sell each other access to the data collected about the environment in a self-regulating market based on blockchain. It is meant to put the power of data management and monetization back from the largest corporations and producers into the hands of the people.

    IOTA cryptocurrency enjoys special respect among institutions and corporations. Investors who have been holding IOTA tokens are being provided with several news a week about new cooperation or implementation of IOTA technology. Unfortunately, despite good run, most of the profits have been eaten by the bear market. What is positive, the IOTA perspectives remain stable. We check what the future prospects of this promising project are. How does IOTA price prediction look?

    IOTA price is… down

    What is the most interesting for investors is the price that newcomers would pay for the token. The situation, when no one asked about the foundations and simply invested in ICO or the project will probably not be repeated for some time, we should take a closer look at how the project is going to develop.

    Is it worth buying cryptocurrency IOTA for low price? Find out IOTA project details.

    The IOTA blockchain is experiencing problems

    There were months demanding for programmers and people involved in IOTA. The entire cryptocurrency world has been shocked by the news that IOTA tangle has split into two parts. As a reminder, we can understand tangle as distributed ledger in IOTA tech. This is a lethal threat to the integrity of the ledger and the stability of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    IOTA ledger has split into two parts. How did tangle going to be repaired? What are implication on the price?

    The efforts of programmers and project managers made it possible to stitch two parts of the separated ledger. This helped to avoid the problem of double spending, at least for the moment. Investors hope that the solution is permanent.

    Who is really working on IOTA coin?

    We have at our disposal the work of many analysts, whose task is to lighten the vagueness surrounding cryptocurrency projects. A group of analysts keeps track of the number of programming changes that are introduced in individual cryptocurrency projects. It was found that the IOTA project was characterized in the summer by one of the lowest rates of programming activity, only 9 commits to he project’s repo. Bitcoin had over 150 for comparison. Was this related to holidays or a multitude of tasks related to solving problems with tangles?

    What are the positive premises for IOTA?

    Cryptocurrency IOTA is stable in the top 30 capitalization of cryptocurrencies, according to the CoinMarketCap service, and is the world’s largest project related to the Internet of Things. The largest cryptocurrency exchanges, including the popular cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest commissions Binance, supports IOTA coin trading, with significant volume. Large corporations are constantly investing in foundations and think-tanks in cooperation with IOTA: Audi, Bosch, Samsung, Microsoft and others. The number of possible transactions is at a promising level of around 1500 per second, which places IOTA in the middle of the cryptocurrency transaction speed rating. Engineers join the team, meet-ups and conferences are organized, where the IOTA cryptocurrency is being promoted. Is it enough to keep up the tempo of the market development?

    In April 2019, the developers announced a strategic partnership with the car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. Thanks to this, cars will not only collect data on the IOTA platform, but also test the operation of the network and the continuous exchange of data and values on a living organism. Users of these cars will be one step away from earning money on the fact that their cars collect and process data on driving, speed and car use.

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    IOTA price prediction

    IOTA future, despite great technology impact and voices of it’s fans, is not looking as bright as it may seem. Token adaptation is going slower than expected and investors run to sell MIOTA tokens, driving price even below entry price for many participants. This levels start to look as good, long term buying opportunity. If a crypto investor were told at the end of 2017 that it would be possible to buy IOTA below 0.50 USD, he wouldn’t believe such opportunity, would he?

    On the other hand side, IOTA didn’t benefit from cryptocurrency bull cycle in 2020. It didn’t come even close to the all time high. Does it mean it still has upside potential? Or maybe other sectors, such as DeFi, are seen as the better opportunity? There are still many investors who hold IOTA or buy for 0.20 or 0.20

    How to buy IOTA? Choose cryptoexchange with iota trading pair, such as binance and buy for bitcoins, ethereum or cash

    Tokens Internet of Things in the form the cryptocurrency IOTA, has recently gained some popularity. It is becoming more and more recognizable, thanks to cooperation with leading industrial manufacturers like Bosch. Investors, including Chinese and Korean, have expressed their interest. How to use the opportunity of lower prices of IOTA? IOTA is available on a few cryptocurrency exchanges, while the installation of the wallet requires a lot of effort and access to technological knowledge.

    Where and how can you buy IOTA coin?

    Take a look at your budget and how big part of it is eaten up by trading fees, especially if you are a customer of the cryptocurrency exchange from Europe or the USA, like Bittrex. Most likely, they are places with high fees. Exchanges with the lowest fees, 0.2% for the entire transaction, are from Asia: Binance, with it’s special trading offer: fee reduced to 0.15%.

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    How to buy IOTA on Binance?

    If you happen to own one of the major cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Monero, NEO, you can buy IOTA directly on one of the Binance’s trading markets. Look for trading pair IOTA/BTC, IOTA USDT or any other IOTA pair and execute a trade for the price you consider OK. If you want to benefit from lower fees, make sure you have turned on payment of fees in Binance Coin.

    To buy IOTA on cryptocurrency only exchange, you need to have Bitcoin. Anonymous BTC purchase is offered by the local crypto ATM. If you want to use personal service, terms of the trade are negotiated with the contractor. If you care about anonymity, cooperate with seller who will accept your conditions. Don’t forget to check whether seller has high reputation and quality reviews by other users.

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