How to buy Lisk cryptocurrency? LSK summary of 2018 and beyond

    Cryptocurrency Lisk is particularly close to the heart of European cryptocurrency investors. This was especially evident in the Lisk forum on social media platforms, facebook groups and posts of fresh investors. A lot of capital came from the hopeful investors in 2017 and later, in the first months of 2018. What happened later with LSK?

    Lisk exchange rate in 2018 is not optimistic

    What has happened has not been predicted by the majority of investors. Lisk price has fallen dramatically.

    What is the history of Lisk price? Firstly, in 2017 price has been steadily rising. Then, starting in 2018, price has been dropping until Fall 2018.

    The Lisk exchange rate fell to the level which has been noted last in September 2017. It means all profits from the largest gains during craze rage has been given back. Investors who bought LSK for $40 dollars per unit lost almost 90% in the value of their investment. Even worse, Lisk rate also dropped relatively to Bitcoin value, so an investor can’t go back into the main cryptocurrency to minimize losses. Are the drops of the Lisk price deserved and the project’s weak future behind it?

    Where to get knowledge about Lisk coin from?

    Let’s start with the places where you can learn more about the Lisk project, the progress in the implementation of the plan and the future of LSK.

    The sources about Lisk are best viewed in English, the first place with collected knowledge is the Reddit forum about Lisk. The other are the official and unofficial groups of investors in Lisk on facebook. Unfortunately, they are currently full of questions about what went wrong with the investment in Lisk. A willing investor needs to dig through posts from a few months ago and one have to get through lots of them to get to valuable news. By the way, any native language forums and groups are in such situation. It is worth noting that the forecasts for Lisk exchange rate and, in general, the Lisk project’s success prognosis have completely disappeared. They were very frequent a few months ago, oscillating high above the course from December 2017 and January 2018.

    Where to get information about Lisk? Try Lisk Reddit, internet boards, Lisk webiste and other, private sources of Lisk analysis.
    No one knows the future, but you can read Lisk price forecasts to enrich your perception of finance and investment. Examples are: Reddit, Facebook groups…

    The development of Lisk technology. What changed in 2018?

    The first milestone that is worth mentioning is the Lisk rebranding. Although the project’s heads called it a relaunch, thus all activities that constituted fundamental changes at the beginning of 2018: a new logo and website, a revised marketing strategy, technological innovations such as changes in the ledger and a strategy for future technologies and frameworks, changes in interfaces, etc. It can not be stressed enough that in the first months of 2018, rebranding became a strategy for rising or maintaining the cryptocurrency rate, which resulted in many projects making smaller or larger marketing changes. The advantage of Lisk is that the relaunch was successful, mainly due to the fact that a lot of money has been spent, mainly from ICO.

    The Lisk wallet, or Lisk Nano, is a stable solution for storing Lisk coin. Some users, especially non-technical ones, still keep Lisk token on the cryptocurrency exchanges instead of in the secure Lisk wallet. Lisk still operates on the basis of DPoS, unlike the majority of major crypts operating on PoW. Lisk cryptocurrency still targets the IT sector, and the technology used is JavaScript; the principle of operation on side chain has not been undermined yet and seems to be a sensible IT solution.

    Where to buy Lisk?

    This question, after almost 90% drop from peaks, seems to make more and more sense. On the other hand, there is no reason to be in a hurry because there is no panic in the market and no long-term investors have sold out. The most popular place where you can buy Lisk cryptocurrency has always been BitBay. You can see the most dedicated Lisk investors there, even after this cryptocurrency exchange moved to Malta. For long-term investors this may be less important, but if you consider frequent traders or daytraders with higher volume, fees are the lowest on the Far East cryptocurrency markets. The lowest commissions when buying Lisk are offered by the Binance exchange (up to 0.075%), which is several times the difference compared to BitBay.

    We will monitor the situation on this popular coin. If you have suggestions or observations that may add additional value to Lisk topic, please share with us in the comment or social media.

    Are you looking for opinions on Lisk coin? Check out investment description and price projections

    Cryptocurrency Lisk (LSK) is a new generation cryptocurrency based on its own blockchain and offers special functionality for application developers. Extensive programming applications are even richer thanks to announced cooperation with Microsoft and the possibility of connecting with the Azure platform. The basis for programming Lisk application is a specialized framework, library package and programming language. In addition, applications and the network can use Microsoft infrastructure. This makes Lisk cryptocurrencies project have the potential to become a market leader in blockchain-based application programming.

    Where and how can you buy the Lisk cryptocurrency? If you are looking for a low commission, you should avoid the exchanges from Europe or the US, which have high fees (BitBay gets over 0.7%). Exchanges with the lowest commission, such as 0.15% for the entire transaction, is Binance.

    Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Try Binance, Bitcoin exchange for traders and active investors. Lowest fees and good opinions! Get Lisk at Binance.

    The advantages of Binance coin market are no necessity of verification, simple interface, lowest commissions (0.075%) and availability of rare cryptocurrencies (including IOTA, Tron, Ripple and many more). Do not forget to move coin to a safe wallet, after buying cryptocurrency.

    To buy Lisk cryptocurrency with lower fees, you need to buy Bitcoin beforehand (or, to be exact, other mainstream cryptocurrencies could also be used). BTC is used to purchase the other cryptocurrencies, altcoins, on anonymous exchanges. The simplest BTC purchase is offered by LocalBitcoins. The terms of purchase are agreed with transaction partner. A reliable and trustworthy buyer or seller has a high reputation account.

    Lisk exchange rate is constantly changing due to the implementation of subsequent stages of project development and the growing or decreasing number of investors buying, willing to take advantage of the boom on the blockchain-based applications for IT and programming market.

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