How to easily and anonymously buy Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency?

    Stellar Lumens, firstly, cryptocurrency labeled XLM should not to be confused with the language of xml data description. From the time we started to follow it closely, community grew and the price returned to real levels. The concept of operation is similar to the one from the previous year, it is an innovative technology connecting people, payment systems and banks. The project is focused on the growing world of digital assets. It allows multi-currency integration, including transactions and payments, ensuring fast and stable communication while maintaining low fees. The digital Lumens asset from which the XLM abbreviation comes from, is responsible for the implementation of value flows in the project.

    How did the Stellar cryptocurrency do so far?

    The price chart Stellar has been changing according to the rhythm of the trends on the broad market of cryptocurrencies. Characteristically, you can see strong support from which the Stellar price chart has bounced once again. This didn’t hold, though…

    What price action is going to be going on Stellar Lumens? Price prediction shows it is going to follow cryptocurrency market

    Was Stellar a good deal for $0.14? Apparently not, after big airdrop price has been stabilizing around $0.10. This seems to be hard bottom, from where many investors expect some gains.

    Stellar Lumens advantages and doubts

    Strong community support means that early investors retain a large portion of their profits, and ICO and airdrop participants can easily develop their projects based on Stellar infrastructure. An important advantage of XLM cryptocurrency is the openness. The technology is open source, so everyone can start the development of their project and add their brick to the development of the ecosystem.

    On the other hand, Stellar suffers from one of the unusual ailments of early cryptocurrency projects: low network activity. Early investors and beneficiaries of price increases are convinced that the value of their holding will increase. They hesitate for this reason and often decide to keep tokens, instead of spending them and contributing to wider adaptation.

    Even more advantages of Stellar and the future of XLM

    Despite the fact that we are already many months after the price peaks and market capitalization levels of cryptocurrencies, Stellar designers are characterized by exceptional reticence. It is manifested in the fact that in circulation there is only… 20% of all XLM tokens. It is true that the slow distribution of additional supply allows keeping the cryptocurrency connected to the real world through controlled inflation. However, the centrally controlled distribution creates bottlenecks. One of them is the ban on the sale of tokens by early investors. In addition to the fact that the ecosystem is open to new projects, there is also a secure wallet that can be understood and used by ordinary users. Talks about partnerships with the world’s largest corporations: IBM, Deloitte, Stripe. It is yet to define how it is going to influence Stellar price prediction.

    What is the future of Stellar Lumens? Due to the increased supply in the future, it is probably worth considering the purchase of tokens at a later date. Abandoning the purchase of tokens does not mean that it is not worth developing a project based on Stellar infrastructure. It is a long-acting and trustworthy platform, recommended especially to investors who have IT resources for the development of future-oriented payment systems.

    What strongly stays behind Stellar is the team and perspectives of project development. Follow the price and important announcements

    Cryptocurrency Stellar (XLM) is a decentralized and hybrid network that allows you to make transactions and transfer money. What distinguishes this cryptocurrency from the fact that the software is open source, the network is global, and the transaction fees are very low. The network is open to the participation of private users, entrepreneurs, brokers and banks as well as IT systems. The team responsible for development Stellar feels the mission to improve the quality of the international financial system, which certainly translates into good prospects of the project.

    How to buy Stellar’s cryptocurrency quickly and anonymously? It’s best to use an anonymous exchange without verification, especially since such an opportunity still exists. Lumens tokens, or Stellar cryptocurrency units, are available on the Binance cryptocurrency market. How to buy Stellar step by step?

    1. register a free account on Binance
    2. top up your account with a cryptocurrency (if you plan to spend dollars, coronas or pounds for cryptocurrencies, exchange them using LocalBitcoins, taking care of anonymity)
    3. Go to the XLM / BTC pair and buy Stellar. The transaction fee is only 0.075% (one of the lowest in the world).
    4. Transfer your currency to a private wallet, preferably a hardware one, if possible. When not, check your wallet’s status frequently and secure the funds.
    5. Consider also the purchase of interesting cryptocurrencies, available on this stock exchange, such as, for example, IOTA or Tron.

    Let us know in social media how it went or if you have suggestions or improvements. Remember that the opportunity to set up an account on the cryptocurrency market without verification can be blocked, it is worth considering right now. Check the cryptocurrency exchanges that still accept new users and create accounts there.

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