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    The cryptocurrency market may not be kind to any investor. A lot of people still remember about the huge bubble, but many virtual profits were gone. However, born optimists will find the good sides of this situation. They are hidden on pages with free cryptocurrencies. Still, few people know about it. Let’s take a closer look at this promising topic. Moreover, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies regained some ground and prices went up.

    Free cryptocurrencies are more profitable when prices are low

    Let’s imagine that you have a website that distributes some cryptocurrency in the form of faucets or advertisements. What few people are aware of is the attachment to the cryptocurrency rate in dollars. This means that the lower the price of cryptocurrencies, the more cryptocurrencies are obtained for free from faucets or distributors.

    This can be easily seen by comparing payoffs from faucets in the past and now. The amount of obtained cryptocurrencies is reportedly similar if we price them in dollars. However, in cryptocurrency amounts, you get up to 10 times more units than at the top of the bubble!

    Get free cryptocurrencies and collect them instantly to your microwallet.

    Which sites with free cryptocurrencies are worth trying?

    We have checked many places where free cryptocurrencies are distributed. The business models of these websites are also different. Some of them display advertisements (often a bit cumbersome), some of them conduct ventures related to the cryptocurrency mining, finally some are based on commissions from games, gambling or lotteries. How do you start to collect cryptocurrencies for free?

    How to optimize getting free cryptocurrency from site? Find answers still pays out free Bitcoins

    The freebitcoin faucet has already been looked into, because it has been working for many years and regularly pays out the collected funds. We recommend our study, in which we describe the way for Free Bitcoins. A freebitcoin guide and strategies, how to apply the freebitcoin strategy and what are the opinions about FreeBitcoin. The site allows you to collect free satoshi every hour, and when the price of Bitcoin is low, you can earn up to 10-50 satoshi per hour, plus rewards points that can be exchanged for BTC or prizes. Register at FreeBitcoins today and receive your first few dozen satoshi (with a chance for a lot more).

    Freedogecoin is noy paying out anymore

    The site FreeDogecoin, where you could get free DOGE is not working anymore, sadly. It still pays out collected funds, if you used it before. It has been closed by the organizers, who explained that too many users has been taken advantage of the free distribution of the DOGE.

    The less one DOGE costs, the more free Dogecoins you could get on the site. It has been the most profitable, when the crypto marketplace was in a downswing.

    Coinpot is was a free crypto wallet

    Coinpot is was a comprehensive wallet that allows you to collect free cryptocurrencies from the Moon Bitcoin (collect free BTC), Moon Dogecoin (collect free Dogecoin), Moon Litecoin (where you collect free LTC), Moon Dash (where you collect free Dash) and Moon Bitcoin Cash (collect free Bitcoin Cash ABC), all faucets in one place, with other benefits. Unfortunately, in 2021 it stopped providing free bitcoins. If you are looking for free Bitcoins, try freebitcoin site.

    All you need to do is register, and then you can collect free cryptocurrencies to the e-mail address instead of the addresses of the specific cryptocurrencies you are getting. In addition, the site offers the opportunity to earn tokens for completing challenges. Every month, you can win large amounts of Coinpot tokens in ranking leaders competition.

    Moon Bitcoin

    One of the best known Bitcoin faucets on which you can earn hundreds of satoshi per day. Registration on Moon Bitcoin is free, and it is best to use it using the e-mail address from the Coinpot service described above. Otherwise you must use the address Bitcoin.

    Moon Dogecoin

    This is one of the most known Dogecoin taps, which probably distributed the most units of this cryptocurrency. Moon Doge registration is free. For registration, it is worth using an e-mail address from Coinpot or the Dogecoin cryptocurrency address.

    Moon Litecoin

    This is one of the few Litecoin faucets that pays out funds. Calculation of the acquired cryptocurrency is in Litoshi, or the partial value of Litecoin cryptocurrency. Registration in Moon Litecoin is free. You can use the e-mail address from Coinpot or the address of the Litecoin (public key) for registration.

    Moon Dash

    Dash faucet that may not be very popular but it works and brings profits. The principle of operation is the same as in the case of more popular cryptocurrencies: setup an account at Moon Dash registration site and start extracting profits. The process will be optimal with the address from Coinpot or the address of the cryptocurrency Dash.

    Moon Bitcoin Cash

    Bitcoin Cash faucet may not be very popular but it also works and and pays out. The principle of operation is the same as in the case of more popular cryptocurrencies: visit Moon Bitcoin Cash registration and start gathering satoshis. The address will work the best with the address from Coinpot, or the address of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash ABC (public key).

    Free cryptocurrency summary

    As you can see, you can still get free cryptocurrencies only for the registration and some of your time. People who had doubts about the functioning of such websites have lost a lot of opportunities already.

    Looking at the pace of cryptocurrency adaptation, it can be confidently stated that blockchain technology and its use to transfer value have become part of the financial system and are available for many people to simply use and profit.

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