How to make money on BTC with the leverage? Step by step instructions.

    For some investors in cryptocurrencies comes a moment in which they ask themselves an important question. It sounds like: can I improve my results in investing, using the same amount of time? Can I achieve similar results, only much faster? The issues of productive and effective use of hours spent on the cryptocurrency market are at some point worth analyzing. The search for inspiration begins with the most well-known investors. How do you manage your capital? What investment methods do they use?

    Trade with leverage on the cryptocurrency market

    Why is it worth considering Bitcoin trading with leverage? The most important reason is the possibility of staking borrowed capital and collecting a larger profit if you are right. This is one of the most popular ways to earn money quickly on cryptocurrencies. The most popular place that allows you to quickly earn Bitcoin is the Bitmex cryptocurrency contract exchange, which allows you to use a leverage up to 100x. Register now and get a fee discount for 6 months!

    Cryptocurrency contract exchange Bitmex offers leverage up to 100x. Do you know how to increase your chances to win more profit?

    How to trade BTC with a leverage up to 100x? Step by step instructions

    Registration is simple, still open and everyone can try their hand at the market.

    1. Register on the Bitcoin exchange with leverage (you only need an e-mail address)
    2. Top up your Bitcoin account. You can transfer funds, for example from the most popular Binance cryptocurrency exchange.
    3. Make the first purchase of futures contracts on the BTC price

    Interface seems complicated at first, but it’s just an impression. After a moment, it will turn out that most of the information is useful.

    How to trade on Bitmex? Easy interface and simple leverage activation makes it easy for beginners.
    You can open a contract, i.e. a bet on a Bitcoin price increase or a Bitcoin price drop. If the price changes in the direction you assumed, you will profit. Available capital has been edited to anonymize the instructions.

    How to open a long position, a bet on the increase of Bitcoin prices? Please take a look at the leverage.

    Do you know how to open long position on Bitcoin with leverage? Take a look at the screenshot from the form on Bitmex.
    Opening a long BTC position is a bet on increasing the price of Bitcoin. What is called a leverage, allows you to play for borrowed capital.

    How to open a short position, a bet on dropping Bitcoin prices? Please note the possibility and amount of used leverage.

    How to open short position on Bitcoin price with leverage? Please choose from wide range of Leverage, up to 100x.
    Opening a short BTC position is a bet on decreasing the price of Bitcoin. Leverage allows you to stake borrowed capital.

    The way the setting up works and maintaining a position is not difficult. It is worth carrying out the first transactions with less risk and no leverage to get used to the interface and mechanisms for opening and closing positions.

    What is the risk of BTC trading with leverage?

    The most important thing to understand about risk in Bitcoin trading with leverage is the possibility of a quick loss of the deposit. This is most often due to the rapid market movement in the opposite direction than assumed. However, it may be different, and the loss of the deposit will take place over a longer period, for example due to the investor’s lack of response in the appropriate, previously established levels of stop loss or take profit.

    Is it worth risking leverage on the cryptocurrency market?

    A very important argument in favor of trying is the possibility of connecting trading bots dedicated to cryptocurrency markets. Automation of trading will allow you to compete with a completely different class of traders. Exposure to the competition in trading with a leverage on cryptocurrencies’ market should mobilize the investor to learn capital management and a deeper understanding of the psychological aspects of trading. Why not try right now?

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