Is it worth buying Nano cryptocurrency to hold?

    The wave of capital flooding into the cryptospace pushed up lots of projects. Let’s take a look at what is happening with the cryptocurrency Nano. After successful rebranding from Raiblocks to Nano, this coin experienced a sharp appreciation. What happened later?

    What is going on with Nano?

    Nano price has been stable around couple cents for several months, just to stabilize between $0.10 and $0.20 USD. The cryptocurrency did not get much interest until, in a violent shot, Nano price raised to $30! Just after the end of the bull market, the price took a dive. In the following months the rate was falling until it stopped at $1 USD. Those who are long-term investors from the very start may be pleased to see that their investment has continued to bring profits. However…

    Nano cryptocurrency price has experienced big profits in 2017, following by huge drop in 2018. Is it worth to buy Nano for around $1?

    This chart shows a rough path that early Nano investor needed to endure.

    Was it profitable to buy NANO?

    Honestly, not all investors made profits. The purchase of NANO at the top of the market meant guaranteed losses. Even the short term lows ended with only minor rebounds, on which one could earn only in the short term.

    What astonishes, long-term investors in NANO seem to be calm about the situation, and there is no panic in the market. There was even an investment story, where someone lost a lot of money to invest in NANO at $5 USD. Apparently he believes he will regain $150,000 and make a profit in the future. In 2021 they can escape at no loss. Do you think they should take this opprotunity?

    Is it a good idea to buy NANO below $1?

    Although there were a short window of opportunity to buy Nano for less than $1, we consider this level crucial. This is a question that is definitely worth asking. NANO is one of the cryptocurrencies that suffered the largest losses from the peak of the cryptocurrency bull market: -97%. It means a dramatically sold out market. Does this course reflect the true value of the project?

    NANO was created to fill the gap in the sector of ecological cryptocurrencies, which do not consume exorbitant amounts of energy to work. An active community still believes in Nano. The project is being developed by a team of programmers, and Nano itself has been added to the most popular Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

    Additionally, the latest crypto market bounce brought a rebound for Nano, which increased by almost 100%, from $0.9 to over $5. It is worth taking a look at the technological fundamentals in terms of long-term investment. Nano exchanger rates with other cryptos are becoming more and more dynamic. We can recommend this cryptocurrency for short-term speculation.

    Nano cryptocurrency sits in the sector of ecological cryptocurrencies. Nano doesn't waste huge amounts of resources to proof of work or just to need to function. This is important factor for environmentally friendly investors.

    Some time ago one could think that Raiblocks (XRB) is the “winner” of cryptocurrency investors. The reason was simple, incomparably quick transactions, and, in addition, they were free! No wonder that Raiblocks instantly took the hearts and minds of speculators, which resulted in price rally. At present, we won’t find this name on the cryptocurrency capitalization lists, Raiblocks has changed in Nano (ticker: NANO). Rebranding, successful, added several dollars to the value of the token.

    Is it worth buying a Nano to hold?

    Is it worth buying and holding it in the future? If you’re looking for a “medium of exchange”, or cryptocurrencies to send value, it’s most likely a good idea. The reasoning behind is simple, Nano has extraordinary properties: transaction speed and low cost. You can buy Nano on Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

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    1. Create a free account at Binance
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    Choose the cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest commission and access to anonymous trading. Write in the comment how you see the future of cryptocurrencies and what is your opinion about the Nano coin.

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