Mining Bitcoin on any device with internet browser

    The cryptocurrency world is developing at a pace that is hard to keep up with. Until recently, I have described the path to free bitcoins, and I need to refresh the topic, because a completely new way has been opened – bitcoin mining using any device. Mining is done using a browser and you do not need complicated technical knowledge to run mining. Surprisingly, expensive Bitcoin miner is no longer needed.

    Bitcoin mining via internet browser on computer, laptop or smartphone


    In addition to the possibility of getting free bitcoins on deposit paying over 4% per year, you can additionally increase profits by mining bitcoins with internet browser. The script mines cryptocurrencies in the background on the CPU/GPU and automatically grants mined amount. You need to register an account on the site with free bitcoins and a bitcoin “cash deposit” (your own bitcoin address will be useful for this). After registration, just turn on Bitcoin browser mining on the mining page, e.g. via the following link:

    Start Bitcoin mining on computer, laptop, smartphone, any device. Bitcoin mining in the browser.

    Mining starts right after clicking Start Mining – you can mine on multiple devices simultaneously (also on smartphones), increasing the rate of increment of the satoshi counter.

    Mining through the browser significantly increases tempo when reaching level of 30,000 satoshi, on which you start to earn on a Bitcoin deposit. This is the best solution for beginners and those who, because of their risk aversion, believe that high cryptocurrency prices discourage direct investments. And by the way, you can learn how to mine bitcoins.


    Bitcoin mining on laptops and smartphones brings additional profit to home budget.

    How to be paid to learn about Bitcoins?

    Freebitcoin is a right place for beginners in the field of cryptocurrency. They simply, with a bit of effort, get a certain amount of bitcoin and learn the rules of using portfolio and transactions. There you can also setup crypto cash deposits in Bitcoin and get paid over 4% per annum, interest added every day! It is 4.08% yearly to be exact.

    It is also a way for those who are motivated to gain more satoshi, using the efficient use of rewards points system. Additionally, you can participate in other free cryptocurrency distribution sites, like Dogecoin. Activity on the site is rewarded with Lottery tickets – several BTCs are distributed every week.

    Bitcoin offers safe environment to learn about transactions. You can even get paid to know details about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin deposit with interest.

    How to mine Bitcoin on computer, laptop or smartphone?

    In addition to the possibility of getting free Bitcoins while supporting reward points and participation in the weekly lottery, there is a completely new opportunity to acquire additional BTC using the processing power on your computer, laptop or mobile phone. The freebitcoin service is intended for people who want to know what bitcoin is – it is sponsored by large-scale cryptocurrency operation and by people who, thanks to early investments in the industry, have capital for education and promotion of the idea of ​​cryptocurrency. For someone who has not encountered Bitcoin yet, the reason for not wanting to invest their own money directly is, for example, a negative risk assessment due to the high BTC price or lack of time to maintain an expensive bitcoin security infrastructure. In this case, getting some cryptocurrency by mining in the browser and free bitcoins is the best introduction to the world of crypto.

    On this site, each user’s goal is to exceed 30,000 satoshi limit. Right at this level, cryptocurrency capital starts to earn interest, automatically. Thanks to mining bitcoins through the browser, it has become much easier.

    You can increase tempo of collecting bitcoins with calculations on a computer, laptop, mobile phone, even on several devices simultaneously.

    How to start mining Bitcoin?

    Firstly, you need to use internet browser to mine Bitcoin, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or mobile browser on smartphone.

    1. Register on a site offering free Bitcoins and Bitcoin mining through the browser
    2. Do not forget to get free satoshi (maybe you’ll be lucky and you will win more) – fill in the captcha and click “Roll”
    3. Click the link to the browser mining page:
      Use internet browser on the computer to mine bitcoin on computer or laptop
    4. Click “Start mining”Start bitcoin mining in browser on the laptop or computer. Adjust threads and cpu usage that fits your computer settings.

    After a while you will hear that the processor will start working harder and the satoshi counter will start to increase.

    How much can you earn mining Bitcoin?

    How much can you earn? The payout depends on the bitcoin price (the higher it is, the better the payout) and how often you use the Bitcoin miner on the computer or laptop. Probably computing power is not used only for mining bitcoins, but also other cryptocurrencies, and the user is paid in BTC. There is a very small chance that the processor may overheat while mining BTC via internet browser. Fortunately, user can adjust the rate of mining, by simply dragging slider to reduce the load.

    Depending on the CPU power, you can earn about 20 satoshi per hour, which gives about 200 satoshi per “working day”: if you have a page working in the background during 8 hours of office work. Applying this during several weeks, we are able to reduce nearly half of the effort we need to put into achieving 30,000 satoshi, the level at which interest payment begins on Bitcoin deposit.

    How much can you earn mining bitcoin? It depends on Bitcoin price, computer power and time spent mining.

    If you have several devices at home with a web browser (computer, laptop, smartphone, phone), it is worth a try. Even more so if you are not familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies yet. This way you can learn in a safe way what Bitcoin is, how to mine Bitcoins, how to handle your wallet and how to protect your digital property.

    You are interested? Try mining Bitcoins on your browser. When you reach the balance of 30,000 satoshi, your cryptocurrencies will earn interest for you daily.

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