Mining Ethereum on a desktop computer using graphics card. Step by step guide

    Mining cryptocurrencies became almost a sport all around the world during cryptocurrency bubble. Investors, performing their mining activities on GPU or Antminer devices are mostly ceased mining cryptocurrencies. Only some have extended their facilities by acquiring more graphics cards or ASIC modules. In the internet you will surely find several guides, as more and more people are also asking the question what is it about mining cryptocurrency? For those who want to quickly start mining cryptocurrencies on the computer and the GPU, we present the step by step guide.

    Mining cryptocurrency on GPU you are uploading results to pool and finding shares. For each share you get amount of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic or other crypto.
    Luck sometimes adds up and you find more shares, even by mining on one GPU. Mining Ethereum and Ethereum Classic on the graphics card.

    How to quickly start mining cryptocurrencies on a computer?

    If you are looking for TLDR; (too long didn’t read;), please check out short list of the guide’s content below.

    1. Get a graphics card, if possible, buy when cryptocurrency market is down to get better price. We got RX480.
    2. Plug it in and configure it on a desktop computer that you have permanent access to. We used normal Windows desktop.
    3. Use one of the available pools to mine Ethereum, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Sia, Electroneum, Pascal or other cryptocurrency, which pays off the best. We mined Ethereum and Ethereum Classic on Nanopool.
    4. Regularly check your progress and solve incoming issues, like software updates, power outages, computer resets, dusting. Good luck!
    Desktop computer is perfectly fine for mining cryptocurrencies on graphic card. Just install GPU and manage temperature during mining. Use software and pools to make it easy!
    A desktop computer is perfectly fine to start mining cryptocurrency on GPU.

    How to mine cryptocurrencies on the desktop computer with affordable graphic card?

    Let’s take a look at the process with details highlighted.

    Select good graphics card

    Which graphics card is the best choice for cryptocurrency mining? One of the most important parameters is the amount of RAM. You need at least 4 GB due to the difficulty, but you definitely should invest in 8 GB card. We chose a graphics card from the RX480 family, which was bought a year ago for games, but because of lack of time has not even been unpacked. Currently, such a graphics card costs several hundred dollars.

    Having hard time choosing GPU for cryptocurrency mining? We had Radeon RX480 for mining and it was good choice: no problems with installation, cooling and other issues.
    Radeon RX480 is easy to configure and efficient for mining Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

    What add-ons are needed to mine cryptocurrency with a graphics card? You will definitely need an HDMI cable and a monitor. Fortunately, we work on a regular, desktop computer, so we do not need to configure remote access.

    How to still mine crypto on GPU with only 4GB?

    Problem with graphics cards with 4GB RAM occurs due tu construction of the mining algorithm. DAG, Directed Acyclic Graph is a key file – component of the mining process. It’s size increases over time and it’s cycle of life circles around 30k blocks or 100 hours. DAG file needs to be loaded into operational memory of the card. If the card doesn’t have enough VRAM memory, it is a problem for the miner because it won’t be able to mine.

    At the end of the day, ETH (2021) and ETC (2020) won’t support mining on 4GB graphics cards. How to deal with it?

    • Use Unix
    • Add parameter -rvram 1 to Extra Launch Parameters in NiceHash Miner for Phoenix Miner.
    • Add parameter -eres 0 to Extra Launch Parameters in NiceHash Miner for Claymore Miner.
    • Try adding one 8GB GPU to your rig. This card would be holding DAG file in the memory, enabling 4GB cards.

    Check more info on NiceHash.

    How to install GPU in the desktop computer?

    Mining cryptocurrency on the desktop computer is OK! As it turns out, a regular desktop computer with a good power supply (600W in our case) is enough for easy installation and configuration as well as long-term mining. This is by far the most important factor, because the bulk of the extracted cryptocurrency depends on the time of trouble-free operation of the mining rig setup.

    The installation runs smoothly on a computer running Windows 7 / Windows 10. First, it is smart to update the system to the latest version and to install the recommended patches. Otherwise there is certain probability you are going to wait quite some time during something important for updates to download and install. You also need to make sure that the motherboard has a PCI-Express graphics card slot, without which the mining setup will not have the most important component, GPU.

    Make sure your computer has additional PCI-E slot. You are going to install additional GPU in PCI-E and expand capability of your mining computer.
    An additional graphics card for mining cryptocurrencies fits into the PCI-E slot

    Install the graphics card when the computer and power supply are turned off. Before installation, it is worth discharging the electric charge that could have accumulated on the metal case. To stabilize the card, use the lever at the connector.

    When installing GPU for mining, remember to stabilize it with latch.
    The small, black latch is located just next to the elements stabilizing RAM.

    Also, pay attention to the metal end of the slot in the housing, from which you had to remove the plug. The metal tab is used to stabilize the other metal end of the graphics card (fits exactly in the GPU tip hole).

    Remember to stabilize GPU on the other end to computer case. You don't want mining GPU to wobble inside computer
    Remember about the stabilization of the graphics card.

    Connect the power supply to the card, paying close attention to the shape of the appropriate connectors. Fortunately, it’s hard to go wrong.

    Fit exactly right GPU power connectors. It is hard to go wrong, but pay close attention
    The plug-in power supply for the ETH and ETC mining card has a characteristic shape. Do not mix up!
    Fit power plug into GPU exactly according shape of the connectors. This is very important.
    The tip has a certain shape that does not allow error.

    How to troubleshoot mining hardware installation?

    After turning the computer on, watch carefully the login screen and make sure that GPU card has been recognized by the system. Potential problems you may encounter are:

    • motherboard power plug has been removed from the connector while inserting the graphics card (the computer will not turn on then),
    • the graphics card is too loosely plugged into the connector,
    • the power plug of the graphics card is not properly inserted.

    To check if the graphics card has been recognized correctly, check the system list of devices or view the list in the component monitoring program.

    Do you have troubles with GPU recognition? Programs like Open Hardware Monitor could help
    The program for monitoring components is Open Hardware Monitor, check if the graphics card is not overloaded

    Step-by-step guide for configuring the graphics card to mine cryptocurrency

    1. A software program for mining cryptocurrencies on a graphics card
    2. Program to monitor graphics card and components during mining of cryptocurrencies
    3. Script configuration for mining cryptocurrencies on the graphics card
    4. System commands needed to start and stop mining cryptocurrencies on the graphics card
    5. Monitoring and checking the progress of mining cryptocurrencies on the graphics card

    Please follow the subjects from the list below.

    A software program for mining cryptocurrencies on a graphics card

    The simplest program for mining cryptocurrencies on the graphics card is Claymore. The great source of knowledge about this mining program is on the board. There are naturally more scripts to mine cryptocurrency, our priority is the simplicity and ease of configuration of the miner, though.

    Program for mining cryptocurrency on GPU is Claymore. You use command line to access it, configure, start mining or stop. Make sure you have proper configuration for graphic card.
    Mining Ethereum and Ethereum Classic on the graphics card, using Claymore

    The latest version, dedicated to the Nanopool recommended by us, can be found on github.

    Program to monitor graphics card and components

    Open Hardware Monitor is a program that will prove very useful in the event of problems that will surely occur during the long-term maintenance of a cryptocurrency miner. It is worth installing it at the very beginning, which often allows you to avoid basic errors, for example related to overheating of components.

    Monitor mining temperature of GPU as well as other hardware with Open Hardware Monitor. Safe temperatures do not exceed 75 degrees celcius.
    Temperature of about 72 degrees when mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic or Ethereum is safe for the graphics card.

    Script configuration for mining cryptocurrencies on the graphics card

    We used automatic configurator on the pool site: A convenient interface will generate configuration files that only need to be replaced in the extracted directory with the mining script.

    To access command line in Windows press Start and type in cmd
    To get to the command line in Windows, just start menu and one command: cmd

    When operating mining on a Windows desktop computer, you need to become familiar with the command line. It is enabled by entering a command in the start menu:


    after which, choose cmd.exe. Go to the directory where the miner has been downloaded and unzipped, in our case it is the “mining” catalog, which is in the GPU directory on the C drive:

    cd C:\gpu\mining

    The standard configuration of the miner allows a quick start of mining, in our case we decided to mine Ethereum Classic. All you have to do is provide your ETC address and optionally an e-mail address that will be used for both receive notifications and as a password for any changes. A good practice is to set an email address at the beginning, for example to reduce the withdrawal limit.

    Configuration you need to replace in the script directory is in the epools.txt file. This is actual working configuration, which looks like this:

    POOL:, WALLET: 0x06ce95bc2992e39b0857283e2a9beaac0e11f968.gpu / 123456, PSW: x, WORKER: gpu, ESM: 0, ALLPOOLS: 0
    POOL:, WALLET: 0x06ce95bc2992e39b0857283e2a9beaac0e11f968.gpu / 123456, PSW: x, WORKER: gpu, ESM: 0, ALLPOOLS: 0
    POOL:, WALLET: 0x06ce95bc2992e39b0857283e2a9beaac0e11f968.gpu / 123456, PSW: x, WORKER: gpu, ESM: 0, ALLPOOLS: 0
    POOL:, WALLET: 0x06ce95bc2992e39b0857283e2a9beaac0e11f968.gpu / 123456, PSW: x, WORKER: gpu, ESM: 0, ALLPOOLS: 0
    POOL:, WALLET: 0x06ce95bc2992e39b0857283e2a9beaac0e11f968.gpu / 123456, PSW: x, WORKER: gpu, ESM: 0, ALLPOOLS: 0
    POOL:, WALLET: 0x06ce95bc2992e39b0857283e2a9beaac0e11f968.gpu / 123456, PSW: x, WORKER: gpu, ESM: 0, ALLPOOLS: 0

    123456 is a place for an e-mail if you naturally want to give it.

    The start.bat file should contain the basic configuration of the graphics card. You can create a start.bat file by copy and paste the following configuration into the start.txt file, and then change the extension to .bat:

    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x06ce95bc2992e39b0857283e2a9beaac0e11f968.gpu / gpu / 123456 -mode 1

    The files mentioned above can be found in the catalog to which the Claymore miner was unpacked.

    Are you looking for Claymore location? Remember where you have downloaded mining script and where it has been unzipped.
    Miner file list: find file epools.txt and start.bat, which contain necessary configuration.

    Remember to replace the ETC address in the configuration with one that you control! If you do not have an Ethereum wallet yet, check how to get an ETC address. We recommend using the automatic configuration generator, which is on the page of the pool. How to quickly start ETC mining?

    Use command line to quickly start mining Ethereum Classic on GPU via command line.
    Insert correct path, leading to the directory with the script.

    When you start mining for the first time, Windows Firewall will ask you to accept connectivity of the script. You should accept connections from and to script for it to work properly.

    System commands needed to start and stop mining cryptocurrencies on the graphics card

    To start ETC mining, simply enter the start.bat command in the window we have opened earlier. We remind you once again that the command line will be in the script directory for extraction. You can check the contents of the directory with the dir command.

    Starting Ethereum miner will display set of commands, connecting to pool, graphic card configuration, address confirmation and many more
    The correct Ethereum Classic mining configuration display

    For immediate interruption of mining, use the Ctrl-c keyboard shortcut. A following confirmation should appear in the command line: Quit ...

    A useful method of speeding up the work with the command line is to automatically fill out the path with the tab key. After checking the mining status quickly, you can lock the screen with the Windows-L keyboard shortcut.

    Monitoring and checking the progress of mining cryptocurrencies on the computer

    How to monitor the GPU cryptocurrency mining? To check the average and current hashrate, simply log in to the pool and check the chart. All you have to do is log into your account with the ETC address, which you have set in the configuration:

    To change the withdrawal threshold, enter an e-mail address from the configuration, it works as the password. Changes in configuration will be enabled as soon as your miner reaches the appropriate reputation, which increases along mined shares.

    You can track mined shares on mining display with your GPU. Simply keep command line active in your windows computer.
    Found a share during the Ethereum Classic extraction? Great news.

    If you do not have 24/7 access to a desktop computer, consider installing TeamViewer. This application you can get a remote access to the computer desktop and control the situation in the mining endavor without a monitor.

    Check logs for any important information from the system or from software script miner.
    After activating cryptocurrency mining, you can watch messages from the miner and the computer.

    What to expect when GPU mining cryptocurrencies with a graphics card? How to manage your expectations? Expect that once in a while mining will be interrupted for a trivial reason. Most often there will be short power outages, problems with the power supply or other components. Such problems will most often be solved by restarting the computer and restarting the script.

    You may also experience interruption of mining due to overheating of the graphics card (dust cleaning may help) or overloading of the weak adapter or power supply. Sometimes, the common failure of the Internet and the unavailability of the network will prevent miners from exchanging data with the pool, which results in a break in mining.

    What to mine? Select cryptocurrencies for mining

    There is some selection of cryptocurrencies that could be mined on GPU. Ethereum, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Sia, Electroneum, Pascal are first choices, but you could also search the Internet to pursue fresh projects with low difficulty. Keep in mind that such coins are not popular and chance they increase in price involves a lot of risk, comparing to well established coins.

    How much will you earn mining cryptocurrencies with GPU? The profitability of mininig cryptocurrencies

    Now that you know more about how to mine cryptocurrencies, you can calculate potential earnings. If you use an average performance graphics card just like us, and in addition do not feel like spending 24/7 monitoring the mining, the effects will be … ranging from poor to “OK”. In a good month you can dig around 1-1.2 ETC, which in the best in terms of exchange rates for this currency means $5 to $10. Miners hope for the value of the crypto market to expand in the future. One is currently sure: the profitability of cryptocurrency mining was better in the past. After deducting the always expensive power consumption, profits falls down even further. Of course, unless the computer has been running 24 hours a day anyway, which we assume.

    Good luck in configuring and mining cryptocurrencies on your computer! Share your opinions and experiences by linking to this guide. If you’re lucky, you can count on long periods without the need to solve any problems with the mining setup. What do you say about almost 600 hours of continuous mining on GPU without interruption?

    It is possible to experience very long period without interruption. Mining GPU for over 600 hours? It happens!
    Mining cryptocurrencies on your computer can be as easy as possible – almost 600 hours without problems.

    GPU cryptocurrency mining with configuration of graphics card seems too difficult? Try mining bitcoin on the browser. It makes it much easier to reach the balance of 30,000 satoshi… and when you get there, your cryptocurrencies will earn interest for you on a daily basis.

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