Rumors about Ripple. Is it worth buying XRP for 2020 and longer?

    For quite some time we haven’t looked around the cryptocurrency market, hoping to discover an interesting phenomenon. Despite the fact that more than 16 months have passed since the peaks of prices, and the retreat of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies caused less interest and, in a sense, silence around the subject, interesting things are still happening. Today, we are again looking at the Ripple cryptocurrency, which seems to be forgotten by a wider group of enthusiasts.

    Why does Ripple seem to be forgotten?

    The main reason is probably simple. Investors compare the price of Ripple to other less popular cryptocurrencies, and comprehend. If we look at the Binance Coin, exchange token recommended by us earlier, whose rate of return in 2019 reaches a few hundred percent, to the price of Ripple, which stands still, it will be obvious that the heated heads of speculators will focus on BNB. Even less-known tokens, such as KCS and Neo, can boast of high rates of return.

    Ripple coin is financial token for banks, brokers, exchanges and institutions. Is it worth buying Ripple to hold in 2020? Conservative cryptoinvestor would ask some serious questions.

    What is happening to the cryptocurrency Ripple in 2019?

    The resignation of the application using XRP tokens by the 5th largest bank in Japan shook the Ripple cryptocurrency slightly in April 2019. In the details of this news, it is worth mentioning that it is Resona, who gave up the Money Tap application as a payment processor using the Ripple blockchain. It has already been six months since the conclusion of the cooperation agreement, and doubts appeared in the investors’ heads.

    Looking at the wild swings in prices of other projects, such as Ethereum or even paying dividends KuCoin Shares, it is surprising that the articles on the blockchain information websites inform that the price of Ripple jumped… 3%. Or unusual stability of Ripple price is shocking, compared to other projects? On the other side of the front, we have the potential to integrate with the Skype communicator and extend Coinbase’s activities to more countries, which will increase the XRP exposure and increase the number of buyers.

    Is it worth investing in Ripple for 2020?

    What you should know about Ripple is that the fact of being the third largest cryptocurrency is a double edged weapon. On the one hand, being on the podium in the ranking of coinmarketcap means, by definition, huge popularity, recognition and presence on the majority of major crypto exchanges. On the other hand, a large number of XRP tokens is a potentially large supply, if the project creators decide to sell a part of XRP, which will probably lead to price drops.

    However, there is one reason why you should really consider an investment in Ripple. It is a pattern that made it possible to earn a lot in 2017, and it is a phenomenon of the high tide raising all boats. At some point, the market for crypto-currency went through a very large capital, so speculators dealt with the search for tokens, which are just waiting for a rapid increase in value. And to the astonishment of the majority of investors, these gains took place, rotating between Bitcoin and its derivatives, and the rest of cryptocurrencies, so-called altcoins. It can therefore make sense to buy Ripple at this point, because we’ve experienced big price increases on altcoins and reflections on Bitcoin. Ripple is just waiting for it’s time.

    Where and how can you buy Ripple cryptocurrency?

    If you are looking for a low trading fee, check exactly how much you pay using the cryptocurrency exchange from Europe or the USA. Exchanges with the lowest commissions, 0.2% for the entire transaction, are located in China: Binance, which offers special trading offer, with fee reduced to 0.15%.

    Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Try Binance, Bitcoin exchange for traders and active investors. Lowest fees and good opinions!

    The pros are:

    • no verification,
    • simple interface,
    • lowest commissions (0.15%),
    • availability of most cryptocurrencies with potential,
    • high, 2 BTC withdrawal limit, daily.

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