The most interesting ICO of 2019? Free BitTorrent for holding Tron

    The year of 2018 was an unpleasant experience for ICO, whether organizers or participants. Our ICO ratings from the previous year were popular readings, and most of them were profitable … on paper. Investors who have not sold, usually have larger amounts expressed in purchased tokens or in satoshi. In dollars, however, they experienced losses, such as the entire cryptocurrency market.

    How does the ICO market look in 2019?

    The ICO landscape in 2019 seems to be quite different from the one we have seen months earlier. A lot less projects, stricter rules and definitely less participants willing to invest in innovative projects, this is how you can briefly summarize Initial Coin Offerings in 2019. In addition, new ideas of capital collection using Equity Tokens are a strong competition. They propose different rules for participation in projects, although their legal environment is still underdeveloped.

    Which ICOs to invest in 2019?

    However, there are projects worth paying attention to, it is only harder to analyze and discover them. One of them is the BitTorrent tokenization, which is a content distribution system used every month by over 170 million users. BitTorrent was bought in 2018 by the Tron project leader, Justin Sun, for $120 million. The combination of these two ventures is therefore an expected step. The project of combining the ecosystem of the popular cryptocurrency Tron and the well-known BitTorrent content distribution system is called Atlas.

    Is it worth holding TRX coin and receive Bittorrent token every month?

    The easiest way to invest in ICO BitTorrent? BTT airdrop!

    This time the investment in ICO will not involve great risk and transfer funds in Ethereum to the project account. All you need to do is to have the Tron cryptocurrency, which is the 10th – 11th largest capitalization project on the coinmarketcap list. On February 11, every Tron cryptocurrency holder received 0.11 BitTorrent tokens for each 1 TRX. Note, in addition, every next day of the month will be the next distribution of BitTorrent tokens! So it would be worth finding the patience and keep TRX tokens for the sake of receiving BTT each month. Binance supports airdrop BitTorrent and automatically allocates the right amount of tokens. How to participate?

    1. register free account on Binance
    2. buy token Tron on the market TRX / BTC, TRX / ETH, TRX / USD or other
    3. keep at least 100 TRX (approximately $2) on your account each 11th day of the month to receive BitTorrent tokens

    Airdrop has been carried out after reaching the block number 6,600,000 in the Tron Cryptocurrency blockchain, which occurred around February 11, 2019. You can keep track of progress in the communication channels of Justin Sun and Tron. The further success of the issue depends on the success of the implementation of new BitTorrent functionalities: the possibility of receiving remuneration for maintaining content on the network and the possibility of purchasing faster downloads of files for tokens. For the safety of the project it will not be possible to mine BitTorrent tokens. The good and thoughtful news is that old versions of BitTorrent clients will work the same as before. Do you think that the project has the potential to grow in value? Register on Binance and buy Tron to receive BTT airdrop tokens!

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