What can you buy for Bitcoins?

    Thanks to the rapid adaptation, more and more sellers and service providers are able to receive payments in Bitcoins. The number of companies that accept BTC every day is expanding, especially as there are increasing number of ways to reduce fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency portfolio. One of the simplest solution to preserve the value of the cryptocurrency portfolio is a fast exchange of a large part to stable coins. Entrepreneurs avoid exchange rate fluctuations, thanks to which their financial flows are more predictable.

    What can you buy for Bitcoins?

    Thanks to aspects mentioned above, the customer is able to pay Bitcoin for goods or services. So, let’s check what you can buy for Bitcoin?

    • electronic products (computers, laptops, electronic equipment), e.g. on Overstock or Newegg
    • gift cards, e.g. via Gyft or eGifter
    • airplane tickets and accommodation, e.g. on Expedia or Cheapair
    • Microsoft products and services
    • local shops and services, whose list runs, among others on Spendbitcoins or Coinmap
    • VPN, WordPress, Reddit and many more IT services

    As you can see, the list is not limited to electronic services or online products. For those who value activity and the ability to move, it is a very good idea to use cryptocurrency payments for airline tickets and hotels.

    What’s new in Bitcoin payments?

    One of the largest mobile operators in the United States, AT&T, recently introduced Bitcoin payments. This is one of the most important events in the context of the Bitcoin’s adaptation in the world. If its competitors find that AT&T gained an advantage thanks to this, they will instantly allow BTC payments also at their counters.

    The Dish satellite distributor has joined large enterprises for a wide range of clients, that enabled cryptocurrency payments. In Canada, you can pay with Bitcoins at KFC and Subway, popular restaurant chains. In India, users of the Nafa gift card store can pay with Bitcoins. Another service offering cheap accommodation, car rental and flights: More Stamps Global, also enabled customers to pay in cryptocurrencies.

    The most places where you can buy products and services for Bitcoins are in America and Europe.
    Europe and North America outperform the rest of the world in places where you can buy something with Bitcoins. Although the lack of data from China can be misleading.

    What can you buy for Bitcoin in 2019?

    According to the CoinMap website collecting data on places where you can pay with Bitcoins, in the end of May 2019, there are about 15,000 of them. They are mainly gathered in urban areas of North America and Europe. As you can see, the adaptation progresses and the number of places increases with each month. Do you know any interesting and worth publishing places, where you can pay using BTC?

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