Where and how to buy Tron TRX cryptocurrency? [UPDATE]

    UPDATE: We have been describing Tron cryptocurrency for several years as one of the potential growth leaders. Our predictions have been confirmed and the investment in TRX has brought investors reasonable profits. Tron cryptocurrency is still in the top twenty largest cryptocurrencies in the world according to coinmarketcap with a capitalization of over one billion dollars.

    News from the cryptocurrency Tron

    The biggest challenge of the recent period was the migration of tokens from Ethereum ERC-20 technology to the native technology of the cryptocurrency Tron. Fortunately for investors who keep their funds on stock exchanges, the transfer will be made automatically on most major exchanges. This procedure has been confirmed by e.g. Binance. So, does it encourage us to expect positive impact on the TRX price? Technological handling has been successfully conducted. Tron is usually the beneficiary of a rebound in cryptocurrency prices. Tron price increased by several dozen percent at times. This pace is seldom sustained and investors are then counting on the price to hold at higher levels and consolidate. We will find out in the coming months and keep our fingers crossed that the coming months will be kind to TRX tokens. Although Tron has recently been overtaken by several projects, including stable coins, it is holding firm. The hype around its creator has been subdued, and the ecosystem is slowly developing with new projects and tokens.

    Tron and it’s charismatic leader Justin Sun

    After a very successful BTT airdrop, Tron cryptocurrency has hidden from the headlines. Its creator, Justin Sun, received well-deserved praise after acquiring the world’s largest BitTorrent file sharing system and issuing its token. As it turns out, however, he has not disappeared completely and is organizing more and more events to promote cryptocurrencies. At first, it might seem that his idea of buying an annual charity dinner with the world’s most famous investor Warren Buffett for $ 4.5 million has not worked. On the other hand, the negative comments on social media quickly ended, and the team that Sun invited with him to dinner had a chance to deliver significant news about blockchain-based virtual currencies. In the early 2020, a meeting and a dinner finally happened in Omaha, Nebraska, at the private home of the Berkshire Hathaway owner. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, eToro CEO Yoni Assia, CFO Huobi Chris Lee, and Binance Charity Foundation president Helen Hai arrived with Justin Sun. The future of cryptocurrencies was discussed, and after the meeting, Sun spoke about Buffet in superlatives. Binance founder Changpeng Zhao and Ethereum’s Buterin also received invitations, but apparently they did not take advantage of them.

    What to expect from cryptocurrency with potential, is Tron coin one of them?

    Are you considering investing in Tron TRX? Make sure you have exposure on chinese blockchain market, including Tron and NEO. These cryptocurrency projects are developing rapidly in 2018 and further to 2019

    One of the main reasons why it is worth considering investing in the Tron cryptocurrency is access to the Chinese investment market in blockchain. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will remain in the financial world for a long time. It is safe to assume that this eastern landscape the crypto ecosystem will develop jointly between Tron and Neo. These two would be also the largest exposures for research and experiments in blockchain’s China. In short, TRX and NEO are the shortest way to locate resources in Chinese blockchain. Cryptocurrency Tron is a Chinese project of a decentralized protocol, aiming to provide a global commerce (applications, services) and entertainment system based on free access to data (movies, music, content, etc.). Data stored in a blockchain-based system and distributed data storage would ensure freedom in the publication, storage and ownership of content. A new approach to digital content, the potential of this project was already appreciated by early investors and cryptocurrency Tron in previous years. Nowadays, according to CoinMarketCap, TRX is still high in the cryptocurrency ranking.

    How to buy Tron coin?

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    Tron (TRX) is available on cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia: Binance (largest turnover relative to popularity), OKex or many others. How to buy Tron on the largest cryptocurrency market step by step?

    1. Register a free account on the Binance
    2. Deposit cryptocurrencies: BTC or LTC, ETH, one that allows cheap and fast transfer
    3. Find the TRX/BTC or TRX/USDT currency pair and buy Tron, make sure you have discounted fees
    4. Transfer cryptocurrency to secure wallet if possible

    If you do not have cryptocurrencies yet, it’s easy to get them by buying them on crypto exchanges that allow you to top up your account with wire or electronic cash transfer: BitBay. When you looking for safe cryptocurrency based in the western world, try BitFinex, where you can also buy TRX. If you want to follow the experienced cryptocurrency users right from the start and take care of your anonymity, Bitcoins should be acquired without giving up too much personal details.

    Is Tron price going up in the long term?

    Well, nobody knows the exact future of this interesting project. If you are going to invest your money in TRX, make sure you work out your personal investment framework, which allows you to follow news from the industry and from team leading Tron. Keep in mind that you are investing not only in blockchain cryptocurrency, hoping for value to go up, but also in wide blockchain industry, so it is investment in technology portion of portfolio. It is worth having exposure on fresh and promising technologies.

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